Judgement of the Righteous

A New Enemy in the Reach

315.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Spinward/Coreward of Slinnar Drift

* Archeron Colony Station – X76-773 *

After investigating Array-Alpha, Brother Thomas revealed to the team that the Eldar had taken control of the Array rather than taking it offline, and had used it for their own devices. The data that recorded directions, alignment, data discovered, etc., had all been removed from the system via HDD removal. After restoring the equipment to normal operation, the team proceeded to Array-Bravo.

At Bravo the team encountered a team of Reapers, which knocked out their ATV. Approaching on foot under the shield of Brother Eizen, the team easily reached the facility and breached the outer wall.

At this time it is reported that the team came under some sort of Psychic Interference, it is thought that an Eldar Farseer or powerful Eldar Warlock was to blame. The enemy psyker attempted telepathic contact or control of the team, but from all accounts the attempt was resisted.

Using Brother Thomas’ plasma cutter, the group descended into the control chamber and engaged a band of Edlar inside, who seemed intent on outright destroying what data remained in the system via melta weapons. After eliminating the Eldar forces inside the structure, the team returned the device to service and proceeded to exit the facility where they came under attack from a pair of Eldar Walkers, a Falcon Grav Tank, and a small squad of Guardians. Despite the powerful weaponry of the Eldar, the skills and weapons of the Kill Team aided by the Warp Powers of Brother Eizen once again proved to be superior to our xenos foes. The Eldar were cut down to the last.

During the conflict however, Brother Eizen pushed his powers to their fullest and created some kind of Psychic rift. He vanished from the battlefield temporarily only to be returned a few moments later. On his return his Brothers described him as being covered in gore and strange symbols. Whatever influence or confusion that clouded Brother Eizen, he valiantly fought off the corrupting forces and focused his powers on aiding his Kill Team. Upon his return, the Eldar seemed to focus their energies on him individually, and the results were fatal. Upon autopsy, it has been revealed that no less than 76 of the Eldar Shuriken penetrated his armor and flesh, rending his body unfit to carry the fight.

After the combat concluded at Array-Bravo, the team buried the Soul Stones recovered from the Eldar, and rendezvoused with the Thunderhawk. Data recovered from the Array before it could be destroyed led the team to believe the Eldar were searching for something terrestrial.
Following the coordinates uncovered in the Array the team found a large clearing, 100m or so across. Within this clearing appeared to be a buried Webway gate.

Brother Eizen shall be remembered for his tireless duty to the Empire, and his constant focus on leveraging his powers to protect his fellow Deathwatch Marines.

Brother Wilhelm successfully recovered both Geneseeds from brother Eizen, and they will be transported back to the Ultramarines. News of Eizen’s death has reached his companion Othorn, who may be given the solem duty of returning the Geneseed to its proper place.
I feel it worth noting in this report that Brother Wilhelm is of the Black Templars Chapter, and does his organization proud by holding the duties of the Apothacarium and the Deathwatch above his personal feelings.

Signed this 320th day of 817, M.41
In His Service,
Codicer Peterious

Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know

500xp was awarded



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