Judgement of the Righteous

Holding the Fort

Mission XII-28758847.69:P Ullmanor, Entry 1.1:

A team of Grey Knights led by a Justicar Allaric teleported in to the Ephriam-Delta’s location using proprietary Deathwatch codes supplied by Brother Willhelm of the Black Templars (Previously Ephriam-Gamma). Grey Knights took control of the Palace of the Peace, where the Artifact was located.
Ephriam-Delta proceeded to infiltrate Ullmanor’s South Eastern defense tower, and used the firepower to demolish the South Western tower and the incoming transports. With a stable base of operations the Kill Team, aided by the 122nd, were able to hold position and perform targeted raids against a distracted and disorganized foe.
Approximately two standard weeks after sizing the defense tower, reinforcements arrived from the Cellebose warzone to begin cleanup operations.
Reports from Epriam-Delta and the Grey Knights strongly suggest that Lord Kyrus, the Chantleader was terminated by the Kill Team, and the device he sought was a large orb like structure that has henceforth been claimed by the Ordo Malleus for safe keeping and examination. Three Chaos Obliterators were also present on planet, believed to have been part of an expedition seeking an artifact unrelated to the orb. It is suspected, based largely on their exit strategy that they were already in possession of this artifact. The Ordo Malleus is investigating.

500xp was awarded, and 5 renown.

Pete, you take 7 corruption, sucker.



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