Judgement of the Righteous

Lost Transmission

315.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Spinward/Coreward of Slinnar Drift

* Archeron Colony Station – X76-773 *

X76-773 is an icy planet in the Spinward region of the Reach. No previously existing record has yet been found of the planet, and initial colonial and research efforts have not uncovered much indication of prior inhabitants. Thus the numerical descriptor.

The planet is at the edge of the green zone, circling its star slowly, taking approximately 512 standard days to complete an orbit. It experiences roughly 75% of its cycle in a cold but moist environment, resulting in storms and heavy snowfall. It features a brief spring/summer during the remaining months where the snows melt and rain falls. The vegetation is largely of the Coniferophyta variety, and the trees cover much of the landscape. Local fauna appears to consist of insect life, small flying mammals, and smaller rodents. No large fauna has been detected at this point.

The colony present supports approximately 250 individuals. 15 members of the Mechanics, 62 members of the Imperial Guard, and the remainder the Guard families and tag alongs. It is an Archeron standard layout. Command and Control, the Infirmary, and general quarters are in the Eastern primary track. Hydroponics is in the eastern secondary complex. Engineering, vehicles, and security are located in the western track. The northern segment contains entertainment and exercise facilities.

Two Kilometers to the west is the Plasma Reactor, which provides primary power to the whole facility. 20-30 km to the North, South East, and South West lay the Astronomic Arrays, placed roughly equidistant from the ‘center’ of the colony.

This colony is staffed largely with Guardsman relived of active duty from front line missions. Each would be trained in basic hand to hand combat and to use a lasrifle at a minimum. Several of the colony would be designated security personnel and issued given pistols and stun batons for standard duty. The rest of the weaponry would likely be kept in the security office (security office is a misleading term, as it typically is a locker room containing weapons and related equipment. Security monitors and the like would all be maintained by the Command and Control station at the southernmost tip of the facility.

The facility was issued three All-Terrain Vehicles capable of weathering the rough snowy terrain present on the world.

The planet is of interest to the Crusade effort at this time due in large part to its strategic Acheros and Canis Salients. In addition, it is Coreward enough to have been (for now) passed over by the Tyranids. The current known resources on the world are wood, which is of little military interest to Tau or Chaos forces, which further protect it. In addition to the terrestrial advantages, it has a Warp based advantage as well. The surges in the Warp in the region are in such a pattern that long range Astronomic Arrays can provide excellent intelligence on enemy troop movements through the reach. Chaos and Tau forces have ways to obscure themselves from the Arrays, and frequently do, however the Tyranids do not. Access to troop movements, strengths, and dispositions of Hive Fleet Dagon could be a turning point for the Orpheus Salient. As such, three Arrays were built on X76-773.

As of two weeks ago, Astropathic communication with the colony was interrupted (mid stream). 11 days ago one of the Astronomic Arrays stopped transmitting. One day later a second Array went offline. Eight days ago the last Array went offline.

Kill Team Ephriam-Delta is dispatched to investigate.

  • Primary Objective 1: Secure the Imperial Facility
  • Primary Objective 2: Reactivate the arrays if possible- if not possible recover any and all data gathered by the arrays
  • Secondary Objective: Secure and provide aid to any colony survivors
  • Secondary Objective: Determine the cause of communication and astronomic data disruption
  • Requisition: 90
    Kill Team Ephriam-Delta was dispatched aboard Thunder’s Word, and was dropped planetside via Thunderhawk Gunship, under the piloting skills of Brother Killian of the Storm Warden’s Chapter. Joining the team to provide medical expertise in the event of survivors is Brother Willhelm. Brother Eizen also returned from his short stint as a diplomat behind the Iron Collar with Brother Orthorn.
    The team approached the facility from the south noting several items:
  • Snow covered the landscape, and while the roadway was an obvious depression, there were no recent tracks from anything with legs, wheels, or tracks
  • One of the All-Terrain vehicles was discovered, in fair repair, though a detailed diagnostic run was not performed
  • The storm shutters on the facility were closed
  • There was a barricade in the eastern hallway of the western facility between one of the primary entrances and the command and control center
  • The facility was powered down, though Brother Thomas was able to recover some personal log data from the C&C cogitator by powering it up with his own power module.
    • The Base Commander (Cmdr Johnson) noted increasing reports of superstitious activity- missing tools and the like were all being blamed on some sort of forest daemon)
    • These reports were increasing, and he continued to dismiss them, until a few colony residents went missing
    • Something then attacked the facility, moving like ghosts in the shadows, lending credence to some of the stories told by his men
  • The general quarters appeared largely undisturbed- not looted or burnt like the quarters in the Palace of the Peace on Ullmanor

The team turned west, towards the plasma reactor, to see if they could restore power and full functionality to the station.

250 xp was awarded.



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