Judgement of the Righteous

Strangers in the Reach

315.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Spinward/Coreward of Slinnar Drift

* Archeron Colony Station – X76-773 *

In order to restore power, the team ventured out to the Plasma Reactor. Along the route Brother Deadalus’ keen eyes spotted a watching Elder in the branches. He took a shot, but the ancient being deftly moved out of the way and fell into the snow. At that point the Xenos vanished into the snow. The group cursed the sly and agile xenos’ nature(1). After performing a building sweep, the team engaged the startup sequence, only to find that someone had altered the reactor’s code in small but dangerous ways. As the reactor started down the path of overloading, the door to the facility was closed, locked, and disabled. Brother Thomas, aided by Brother Willhelm, was able to avert the meltdown and then reverse engineer the corrupted code.

With power restored, the Kill Team returned to the colony main structure and performed a thorough search of the facility, from Hydroponics to Engineering, and found very few signs of a conflict. Only the diced corpses in the Astropath’s chamber and the barricade on the way to the command and control station indicated that the residents here didn’t simply walk into the snowy woods.

With a hurricane sized storm heading in, the team decided to brave the weather and begin a systematic search of the Astronimic Array sites, starting to the south and east, Array-Charlie. Using one of the ATVs stored at the main facility, the team first headed out to the Plasma Generator, where they powered it down and welded the door shut.

At Charlie the group found shell shocked and sleep deprived Imperial Guard Sergeant and a handful of civilians he managed to escape the main compound with. He described in a fragmented and confused manner, that Eldar stormed the facility and did room to room inspection. He managed to round up some survivors and fled into the snow, taking one of the vehicles, looking for a way to escape the carnage- the local staff was obviously outmatched by the Eldar host.

They fled to the furthest Array and camped out inside. He looked for coms but didn’t know enough about how they worked to send a message, so instead they set up barricades and sentry guns as a defense and hunkered down. A single press from the Eldar came a week or so ago, but the tarantula turrets held them off. No sign of the Eldar have shown up since then. It was around that time it came apparent the power systems that were powering the array didn’t have enough spare power to keep the underground bunker heated and with clean water, so the Sergeant re-routed some of the power from the array to his survival gear in order to keep his group alive.

Brother Thomas temporarily restored power to the array and downloaded all of its current data to his own dataslate/cogitator before restoring power to the basement. The Sergeant seemed genuinely surprised that an Inquisitorial Astartes of obvious Mars affiliation wouldn’t simply shoot him for his treatment of the electronics of such a highly valued piece of equipment. The Kill Team promised to return once the Eldar threat was quelled.
From there Epriam-Delta headed to the Astronomic Array-Alpha, the storm still raging outside. Inside the long approach corridor, Brother Deadalus caught an Eldar Dark Reaper off guard and ended his long life with a bolt round in the cranium. The shot was silent, but the violent eruption of the Xenos’ skull was not, and the Xenos did not work alone. His companion opened fire down the long corridor with his Reaper Launcher, inflicting some serious wounds on the Astartes. Josiah and Erik sprinted down the long corridor, and Josiah soaked fire while firing bolt rounds down the hall. After the Reaper’s life was ended, he turned the corner and opened up on a small squad of guardians that were holed up in the basement. It was not long before the melee specialists joined the fray and finished what was left of the Xenos.

Brother Thomas prepared to head up the service hatch into the Array proper in order to see what the Eldar had been up to in the Empire’s absence.

600xp was awarded. 2 Bonus Req was awarded for the previous mission when The Chantleader was murdered in cold blood.

1. Superficially, the Eldar appear very similar to humans, though they are generally taller and slimmer, with sharp features and pointed ears. They are long-lived by human standards, and most will live more than a thousand years unless they die from accident or disease. Eldar also have much faster metabolic rates than humans, and their cardiac and neurological systems are more advanced. These traits manifest in their vastly heightened reactions and agility compared to humans. To them humans seem to move in slow motion with a certain degree of awkwardness, while to humans the Eldar can move with distracting grace and can be blindingly fast in combat. As a race they have a high level of psychic ability, which serves as the foundation of their technology. The Eldar that actively cultivate their psyker potential seem to exhibit a much-extended lifespan as well, one proportional to their prowess. The Farseers of the Eldar can live for several thousand years. Eldar are mentally far superior to humans, and feel all emotions much more strongly, requiring the Eldar to exercise constant restraint to avoid mental breakdown.[Needs Citation]
The real military strength of the Eldar armies derives from their highly specialized Aspect Warriors. These Eldar are walking the Path of the Warrior. Once an Eldar has chosen to tread this path he joins a specific Aspect Shrine. There, Exarchs train them in a specific aspect of warfare.
Each Warrior Aspect represents one, very specific aspect of warfare. As Kaela Mensha Khaine is the god of war, each Aspect embodies a facet of the god. It is impossible to say how many different Aspects there are. The most common Aspects have shrines on most Craftworlds, while some Aspects are unique to a particular Craftworld.

Identified Eldar Aspects

Name Battlefield Role
Dire Avengers General combat
Howling Banshees Melee combat
Striking Scorpions Melee combat, stealth
Dark Reapers Long-ranged fire support
Fire Dragons Tank-hunters, anti-structure role
Swooping Hawks ‘Death from above’
Warp Spiders “Aggressive defense”, hit-and-run attacks
Shining Spears Hit-and-run attacks
Eagle Pilot Fighter-pilots
Shadow Spectres Highly mobile warriors with powerful Anti-tank weapons



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