Judgement of the Righteous

The Cathurian

82.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Karlack XXIIVVI

*Kal’Tran Bulwark*

The Battle Brothers first headed to the Kal’Tran Bulwark, interested in securing the Cathurian, a deep sea research submersible. They knew that in order to access the city beneath the sea they would need some sort of vessel to get them there.

Their meeting with Docktender Orvel was an odd one, with many questions pointed directly at the previous Docktender’s sexual exploits. It was revealed that a PDF Officer within their own ranks disabled the security protocols and took the Cathurian for himself. By the time the base staff realized that the sub was heading to sea, it was too late to do anything about it. The Brothers were shocked to hear that the security protocols on a research station, guarding a submarine that is used for deep sea research and was not equipped with weapons or other infiltration equipment wasn’t guarded by Vermillion level security protocols. Orvel did not understand why a submersible would need to be treated like an Inquisitorial relic, and explained steps had been taken to try to increase security on the base. Orvel did not have a firm idea as to why the Reborn Cultists on the island would wish to take a large submersible that couldn’t shoot.

Orvel indicated the cultists on the Island stuck to the coast, and from the PDF reports their largest grouping is likely on the eastern harbor area of the island. The team wasted little time taking the ornithopter to the area. It appeared to be a serene beach with on activity, and the team ordered the ornithopter to the water to start scanning for the submersible. It was not long before a krak missile erupted from the jungle foliage and took out the flyer. Brother Erik pulled both the pilot and the co-pilot to safety, pushing them out of the craft as it sank, and those wearing power armor went with it. Brother Orthorn struggled with the idea that he, as an astartes, he should be strong enough to swim with 160kg of armor more than a guard in carapace, but he too sank to the floor of the bay with his comrades.

The team moved towards where the missle was seen from and emerged from the clear blue waters. A brief firefight erupted, and was nearly as quickly ended, but not before green bolts of electrified energy arced across the harbor. The team moved into the cover of the trees and advanced, tactically, towards the source of the new weapons. It was not long before they encountered several units of rebels, armed with a variety of weapons. The overwhelming firepower of the Astartes quickly turned the hordes of heretics into red vapor, but not before the Marines took some wounds from the enemy. Some of the weapons they used were clearly of xenos origin- long sleek rifles tipped with axe blades, with a thickly walled glass or glassteel chamber running down the length of the barrel, arcing inside with a brilliant green energy of some kind.

One enemy, Feynir Surbrite, coughing blood, survived. Begging for his life he told the Astartes his story, of growing up in the Charon stars and having to fight for his very existence day to day. He wound up with the Alpha Legion, used by them to stir up the Reborn Cultist activity on Karlack and organize them into a force that could disrupt Imperial organization on the planet. He knew little of what the cult actually worshiped, but Rize, his Alpha Legion master, seemed to have suspicions. Rize joined up with some group from Samech, which Feynir is not familiar with, after which became nearly obsessed with discovering sites and artifacts from the aliens that used to live on the planet. Rize knew Inquisitor Vincent knew something about the aliens, and lured him down to the islands to interrogate. Eventually the Inquisitor gave in, but what happened after that Feynir isn’t certain of, just that Rize instructed him to get the submersible.

Brother Thomas recalled that on Aurum, they found a carcass of a techpriest left to rust bearing the insignia of the Apostate Magi of Samech.

Brother Deadalus then began to search the dreadclaws, of which there were three. Each pod has enough room for 10 Astartes in standard PA, 5 in Terminator Armor, or 1 Dreadnaught.

Containd within Feynir’s tent (also known as Ilvaris) was an expertly crafted dagger of some kind of xenos origin, a needle pistol with vials of poison, a thick, spiked gauntlet, and a Data Crystal containing some sort of data on it yet to be investigated. The team also noticed the inside of the box lid is scarred by oxidation- it seems to have once displayed some sort of etched marking that has been purposely burned away.

Total XP at this point is in the neighborhood of 33,150. Everyone should also have a minimum of 40, closer to 45-49, renown, bringing them to the Distinguished (3rd) rank of Renown.

[SUPPLEMENTALXXVM S37 Planetary summary]: Also known as ‘the iron pit’ by the debased human renegades that travel there to trade and barter, Samech was once an Imperial Forge world, an outpost of the Adeptus Mechanicus within the Jericho Sector, famed for the skill of its tech-adepts and the quality of the cogitator systems produced there. During the slow fall of the Jericho Sector into barbarity and isolation, Samech maintained its power and independence far longer than any of the other worlds of the sector core. Watch Fortress Erioch maintained communications with Samech for more than two hundred years after Varrus fell. As the centuries wore on, however, the Magos of Samech grew increasingly insular and paranoid. Ever beset by xenos raiders, warring former allies, and human renegades, Samech began firing on any vessel that entered their system. Samech’s true infamy came to light in 325.M40, when a Mechanicus Explorator flotilla managed to battle its way through the warp storms shrouding the Jericho Reach to re-contact Samech and was lured into close orbit and blasted to atoms. This act of treachery would lead the Cult Mechanicus to declare the Forge world Apostate under a penalty of death—a penalty that has yet to be carried out.

Matters no doubt worsened when the Hadex Anomaly first erupted and swallowed Samech. Scattered intelligence gathered by the Deathwatch painted the Magi of Samech as increasingly corrupt, embracing forbidden technological blasphemies and trading weapons, and even warp drives, to debased renegades and consorting with the vilest forms of xenos without favour or distinction. Some reports claimed that the Magi were raising up altars to the Dark Gods to consecrate their nightmarish works.



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