Judgement of the Righteous

The Cathurian II

82.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Karlack XXIIVVI

* Malvon Bulwark*

The Kill Team continued their investigation of the pods, finding that two of the pods could fit a squad of up to 10 marines, and one could either fit a dreadnought or a large amount of supplies. After some discussion, the team decided it was most likely that supplies were here, as it was unlikely a Dreadnought would be of much use on an Imperial World like this for an infiltration mission.

Ilvaris asked Brother Daedalus if he was to be spared, and Daedalus responded that he was a bit of an experiment, and he was hoping that Ilvaris would prove that in this galaxy people could in fact change for the better. In response, Ilvaris handed Daedalus a journal of sorts that contained the names of 20-30 traitors within the ranks of the local PDF and stationed Imperial Guard. He also pointed out that the submarine was arriving.

The team moved quickly into the thick cover of the jungle and set up an ambush, waiting for the enemy to emerge from the submersible where they could then be gunned down. After sitting on the surface for a few minutes, the submersible thought otherwise and began to resubmerge. The Battle Brothers leapt into action and began racing for the watercraft.

Erik arrived first, and attempted to open the hatch but succeeded only in bending it. The others arrived shortly thereafter, and Daedalus dismantled the exterior locking mechanism- the hatch opened with a hiss and the submarine stopped its descent. Brother Erik leapt in, spotted an enemy techpriest. He was quickly joined by his fellows, all of whom began to fire on the techpreists. It was then the Chaos touched Astartes revealed himself, with a blast from his multi-melta that wounded nearly everyone in the group. The techpriests were finished farily quickly, but several rounds were exchanged, and blood was spilled on both sides before the Heretic was dispatched.

A search of the submarine found that the servitor who was controlling it had its memory banks wiped clean, as well as all of the datalogs and nav points in the submarine’s cogitators- they were erased by someone who understood encryption and data integrity. In addition, they later found the high gain vox onboard had the logging system removed and safety protocols bypassed – whomever was using the vox didn’t want anyone to know who or what they had been talking to.

With the submarine captured, the group turned their attention to the list of traitors. They returned to the main Kal’Tran base and reported back to General Iacton the list of names. The General said he and his troops could contend with most of them, but there was a traitor named Captain Isiaah Falhn who was in charge of the Malvon bulwark. A good portion of the southern islands have their defense managed and coordinated through that bulwark, and it would take an excess of ten hours for the PDF and Guard to mount a proper offensive to remove him from power. In the meantime, if Malvon has caught wind of what’s going on he could disrupt communications and coordination, sending the southern region into chaos.

The Kill Team agrees to assist with removing the Captain, and requisition the operational Valkyrie from the local PDF at Kal’Tran and fly west to Malvon.

They are greeted with a challenge, and instruct the pilot to first tell the radio operators that they are there on private business with the Captain. This request is denied, and they resort to using Inquisitorial bypass codes. They are given an approach vector and priority clearance, and the Valkyrie moves towards the island base.

400xp was given out. Eizen and Josiah get 250 for being awake half the time, and they do get a bonus 5 xp for not throwing up on anything I own or am responsible for. Thomas, Orthorn, and Daedalus all get 400. Brother Erik gets 400 + a bonus 50 for (reliably) being the least distracted and disruptive guy at the table.

Base XP total is 33,550



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