Judgement of the Righteous

The Old Enemy

Access By: Codicer Peterious
Access ID XXIIVVIVXX-Alpha-227-Victory
Kill Team: Sergeant Ephriam: Delta
Summary of Recent Assignments, Date Range 301.817.M41 – Present
Mission XII-2278907.23.H: Virgultus:Kill team was dispatched to Virgultus to investigate distress beacon emanating from planet. Planet was suspected (confirmed) of conducting unsanctioned biological experiments on the local flora and fauna. Kill team engaged local Orc warband and uncovered conspiracy amongst the local Adepts and an Imperial Commander.

Mission XII-28758847.69:P Ullmanor:Kill team dispatched to Ullmanor at the request of an Ordo Xenos Acolyte. It was reported that the Acolyte’s Inquisitor was not taking threats of rebellion seriously, and was being uncharacteristically blasé about the affair. Kill Team move in to investigate. Ullmanor currently out of contact. Two distress calls received (from planet and from Imperial Navy) over non-secure channels indicating Chaos Invasion underway. Ordo Malleus requisitioned one Deathwatch Astartes and has sent in a small spearhead force to assist with coordinating planetary defenses. Larger forces are being mobilized but are expected to be delayed due to ongoing operations in nearby sectors.

Notes: Brothers Eizen and Orthorn have not return from assignemtns to investigate the Commanding Officers linked to the Virgultus Incident (Mission XII-269854253.45.2). Brother Deadalus is assumed to have rejoined Delta after completing Mission XII-25635284.22.3-Q.



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