Judgement of the Righteous

Traitors in our Midst

83.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Karlack XXIIVVI

Kal’Vex Bulwark

The Kill Team pulled in to land at the Malvon Bulwark aboard the commandeered Valkyrie troop carrier. Their plan was to walk forth, enter the base, and seize control in a bloodless coup. Commander Isiaah had other plans, and as was later discovered through interrogating survivors had instructed his men that Traitor Astartes had killed an Inquisitor in Citadel Primaris, had wiped out a neighboring bulwark, and now set their sights on Malvon. The base opened fire, and in a vulgar burst of firepower the autocannons that defended the facility obliterated the Valkyrie. The Team moved out, approaching the base, using Eizen’s powers of the warp to prevent the cannons from blowing them to pieces. It was then that three Sentinel walkers emerged from the southern vehicle depot and opened fire. Lascannons blasted out and multilasers spun and spat hot death towards the Loyalists. Orthorn, in a rare display of self-sacrifice, charged the Sentinels to draw fire from Eizen in order than he continue to keep the massive defense cannons disabled. In the end the Deathwatch was victorious, though grave wounds had been received. Orthorn shouted at the structure, giving them a final chance to surrender to the Inquisition, the alternative of course being death. As it turns out, there was some sort of internal struggle over the correct course of action, and the guardsman fought each other. Only three survived, and all of them were in shock. It was discovered that the Commander had fled the station, tracks led north into the thick, rebel infested jungle. The brothers took up position to defend the bulwark rather than pursue the traitor, given that his power of authority and capability to disrupt PDF and Guard activity on Karlack had been taken from him.

The Kill team left Malvon several hours later, in the late evening, after being relieved by a contingent of PDF troopers. They departed for Kal’Vex, where the auger arrays were. As the sun finally gave up the last of its light, the new Valkyrie penetrated the western edge of the storm wall that beset the island. Battered but undamaged, the pilot skillfully landed on the pad. It was only a short time before the team was introduced to “The Guest” which after questioning was assumed to be what was left of Inquisitor Zaer Vincent. He was disheveled, withered, sunburnt, and malnourished. His mind was broken in some way, he spoke mostly in riddles, truly revealing only that the Dark Brothers of the Astartes went to the sunken city, that it was further to the east of their position, and to get inside of it they needed a map and a key. Vincent was under the distinct impression he had already given the team the Key.

It was decided that when the storm broke, the Kill Team would depart for the Kal’Dir bulwark, and see if this cache of xenos artifacts might help them in their journey. In the interim, they instructed the Kal’Vex commander to pull the logs on the position of Vincent’s rescue, and to pull local data mapped and discovered in the eastern region of the island. They were also prepared to take local oceanographic data and recordings back to the Kal’Tran bulwark where the oceanographic research facility was located. The locals were also asked for access to the augers, and it was explained, with embarrassment, that the Kal’Vex bulwark was woefully underfunded- PDF was being pulled into the Guard forces for deployment into the Crusade, and primary defense systems were consuming the budget and supply chains for goods. It was all the local team could do to even keep the station lights on, and the augers had been partially scavenged for parts.

The team received 500xp, bringing the base total to 34,050.

Key points of fact in the investigation:

  • The Kal’Tran Bulwark is home to an oceanographic research facility, and was the base of origin for the Cathurian, a powerful deep sea submersible. The submersible was captured by heretics but recovered by the Kill Team.
  • The Malvon Bulwark was home to the primary defense grid coordination arrays, where the southern regions communication and strategy was coordinated. Commander Isiaah Falhn was in charge of the station, and was revealed to be a traitor and ousted.
  • The Kal’Vex Bulwark was home to the region’s most powerful auger arrays, which had been stripped of parts in order to keep the bulwark functional at a base level (power, sump pumps, etc.). A man believed to be Inquisitor Vincent (or at least one of his Acolytes) was discovered here, a victim of a ‘shipwreck.’
  • The Kal’Dir Bulwark is home to some sort of xenos cache, of what nature is not known. Since Lieutenant Tirion (the stations senior surviving officer) made that broadcast to Citadel Primaris, vox communication with the Bulwark has ceased. It is believed that the bulwark is under regular assault from the local Reborn cultists, though it is possible the bulwark fell to their attacks.
  • On Ilvaris, from the Kal’Tran Bulwark, was found one xenos rifle of unknown origin and design (though the effects are known, it blasts open armor and flesh), one elaborate blade of xenos manufacture, a needle pistol (human sized) with several doses of virulent toxin, and a data key. Received from him was also a journal with a list of names (which were the traitors loyal to the Reborn cult within the PDF) and an encryption key to decode some device (which he indicated was the data key)
  • Three Dreadclaws were discovered on the Kal’Tran island, two of them equipped to carry a squad of marines each, one of them equipped to carry either supplies or a dreadnought.



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