Judgement of the Righteous

Zaer's Footsteps

82.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Karlack XXIIVVI

To: Watch Commander Mordigael
From: Brother Techmarine Rydal
RE: Implementation of Security Protocol 227-V

Watch Commander,
As you requested I, along with Codicer Peterious, have looked into the missing reports that were originally revealed by Inquisitor Kellar. The work performed was either that of a well-schooled thief or a foolish but curious interloper.

From what we can gather the missing data centered around two Kill Teams. The first, operating under the command of Brother Captain Ephraim. The second operated under the command of Brother Captain Orian. Understanding precisely what information these reports contained is likely possible but would involve interviewing and re-debriefing the Kill Team member. At this time we are operating under the assumption that we should not alert any other residents of Erioch to our current investigation.

We have some data on Ephraim’s Kill Team and their current assignment however, and the summary follows:

  • The team uncovered a large Xenos artifact on Castobel, and managed to activate it. Local reports indicate a large scale seismic event, followed by a thick dark cloud of an unknown substance that reached into the sky. Across Castobel, the relentless assault of the Tyranids slacked. Shortly thereafter Astropathic communication was restored.
  • Local reports indicate the site was destroyed by the seismic activity.
  • The Kill Team was quickly evacuated, no accurate accounting of damage to the Hive Fleet could be performed, but Castobel was able to receive much needed reinforcement.
  • We currently have two additional Missions being planned for Castobel in the very near future as a result to local intelligence that has been gathered. If we cannot achieve victory on Castobel, the sacrifice of the world may buy enough time and resources to reach a broader victory in the region.
  • The team was subsequently dispatched to Karlack to assist Inquisitor Quist with investigating the disappearance of Inquisitor Zaer Vincent
  • By personal order of Inquisitor Quist an unusually large amount of requisition was made available to the Kill Team
  • Inquisitor Quist came under the effects of a type of neurotoxin and is being held in the infirmary in Citadel Primaris
  • The Kill Team discovered some sort of xenos ruins or artifacts inside of the ruins of an Imperial Temple, underneath the Cenotaph of Achillus
  • The Kill Team made contact with a local cult in the ruins, killing all local members. Two young boys were found in in one of the exit buildings to the underground complex, and were handed over to the Ecclesiarchy
  • The Team requisitioned an ornithopter and headed south to the Kal Bulwarks – Reports indicate they have contacted the deep sea research facility at the Kal’Tran Bulwark.

To prevent future incidents such as this, we have implemented Protocol 227-V. All data terminals have been modified. First we have reworked the access software and hardware to require an affirmative response from our logging system before dispensing information. The logging system itself can only be accessed via standard data access terminals as well as a single maintenance terminal on the data store itself. That terminal is physically secured, and as per your orders only Brother Modor of the Keepers. Second, we have enabled the tamper detection units on each of the data terminals- should any of them be opened or any non-standard power readings be detected, the station will lockdown and alert the Keepers.

Codicer Peterious believes that that protocol should suffice in keeping our data secure. However I am still concerned and seek to enable Protocol 227-N. Use of OTP security will ensure that each time someone accesses one of our terminals we can ensure the data is encrypted, and we can ensure we have logged, physically, the use of the terminal. I request your permission to implement Protocol 227-N.

Yours in service, The Emperor Protects
Brother Rydal



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