Inquisitor Adrielle Quist


Adrielle Quist was first noted by Inquisitor Carmillus for her prodigious telepathic abilities. her sharp, investigative mind distinguished her from her fellow acolytes, and during her stature as Interrogator she was one of a select few brought to the Tower of Brass when her mistress became Inquisitor of the Chamber of Erioch. Five short years ago, Quist earned her rosette, and remains Carmillus’s primary hand in the field.

She has asked probing questions of the Kill Team, seeming to see in them a kindred spirit, but her questions are guarded. Most of them revolve around their political stance- be they puritans or radicals.

She has a free spirited attitude and enjoys the finer luxuries her station entitles her too without being abusive of them. Fine drink, trinkets, and gear are all her vices, but duty to the Empire always comes first.


Inquisitor Adrielle Quist

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