Judgement of the Righteous

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The Seconding

After training was completed, each kill team member was individually instructed to report to a reflection chamber. The team consists of Eisen, a Librarian, Orthorn Primarges, a Tactical Specialist, Thomas Deacon, a Techmarine, and Eric, an Assault Marine. Their Captain, Brother Ephriam of the Black Shields gives them curt, simple instructions as to where their chambers are, where they can train, pray, and eat.

The group manages to find the dining hall, and find themselves some ale owned by a ‘Vor’, apparently another Space Wolf who is not currently on Erioch. It is here that they meet Inquisitor Quist, who drinks with them and helps answer some of their questions about the Reach, the ongoing crusade, and the Watch Fortress itself.

The next day the team visited Quatermaster Lorrik before boarding the Lan Dynasties vessel Horizon’s Pride to journey to Peleus. Peleus is an apparently peaceful feral world consisting mostly of salt oceans with islands dotting the surface. The group meet up with a Colonel Osterguard of the 501st Catachans. His information on the locals is limited, focused primarily on his unit, the island they’re stationed on, and a little on the hostile animals and plants on the other islands.

The group is informed that Doctor Arturo Bellesaan of the Geologis is still planetside, and he is summoned in short order (after an internal debate over whether or not to take an flyer or a boat). The group’s next move was stated to be to go speak with some of the loacals near the docks to see if they could gain some insight onto the local legends of the isles to see if they could figure out just what it was they were up against, and what the Tau were looking for.

Everyone received 500xp, except for Erik who got 510xp

Planetfall: Peleus
Peleus 1

The Kill Team makes its way to the surface of the Peleus on a light lander after the travel aboard the Horizon’s Pride. After meeting with Colonel Osterguard the group headed out to speak with the locals.

The Beaches of Peleus

Brother Orthorn leads the discussion, using his charm (and lack of armor) to try and set the locals at ease. They are a group of three fisherman; the slight of build Quintus, the bulky Dougray, and the rotund Ortin. The locals are cautious of the Battle Brothers, but they are not especially fearful, seeming the fully believe that they are the warriors of the “Golden Man” come down to fulfill an ancient promise to return. Brother Erik joins in the discussion, and talk of festivities and beer dominates part of the conversation, but not before they learn some of the local customs and beliefs, as well as a rough lay of the land. It is from the fishermen they discover that the isle to the north east is forbidden to the locals to travel, an ancient rule passed down from generation to generation. It is then the team decides to petition the chief for permission to travel to the island. The chief said while he had no authority to grant or deny to the battle brothers, he did make it clear that any of his people that carried the marines to the isle would be free from any and all retribution.

The team also speaks with Doctor Arturo Bellesaan about what he knows, and he reveals to them how and what he found. The anomoly was a image blur he noticed on sattelite scans of an area of the planet noted by strange and erratic electromagnetic behavior. There are many more such electromagnetic ‘zones’ across the surface of Peleus, but only one has the image blur.

The fishermen the team met earlier make for reluctant assistants, and the team makes landfall just over half a day later. The exploration begins.

The Jungle

For most of the remainder of the day the team argues and bickers over the best route to take across the island as they begin to explore, debating whether to try and follow the path seen in the satellite images or whether to take a more direct path to the anomaly. Eventually a compromise is reached and the team decides to visit a handful of the prior ‘known’ locations and take a semi-direct route to the site.

It is on their journey, away from any of the known prior locations, that the Brother Eizen spots an ambush in the thick undergrowth- it is night by this time. The team stops in its tracks and again begins to debate the right move. It is at this time Brother Erik breaks ranks and begins to mark up the hill towards the hidden humanoids. The rest of the team jumps into action, making a tactical advance behind Erik. When he reaches around 100 meters from the hiding men they open fire with potent weapons- a missle launcher, a hellgun, and standard guard issue lasguns. A firefight ensues, with Brother Thomas providing valuable covering fire, and Eizen and Orthorn leading a furious bolter assault against the position. As the enemy shifts their attention to the new assailants, Brother Erik is freed up to swoop in for the final blow, lifted up on wings of fire.

One of the men, after a struggle, is captured and subdued, the rest are killed in action. Very little intelligence is found on the men, save for they were well armed, armored, and apparent traitors to the Imperium- each man had scratched off the insignias of the armor they wore- whether it was theirs originally or not will never be known.

Each character received 500 xp, bringing the total to 1000 base experience (or a total of 14,000).

The Greater Good: Peleus
Peleus 2

After the skirmish with a poorly armed group of Gue’Vesa, the team begins to move directly towards the location of the Anomaly, unconscious prisoner in tow. Just as the sun is creeping over the horizon, probably 0500 local time, the team reaches a ridgeline roughly 300 meters above what appears to be a firebase. Inside of the base are two Tau Broadside battlesuits, scanning the jungle for hostiles. Another few hundred meters down that hill lay what appeared to be an arcaeological dig site of some kind- tents populated the north side of the site, a Quonset Hut style building, to the west a landing pad.

The team spent quite some time arguing over the best course of action, and again the impetuous Space Wolf nearly started the assault without the rest of his team, but a decision was reached. Brother Primarges moved to the southern ridge while the rest of the team crept forward down the hill. When they were within close range, Primarges opened fire with a krak missle which fired true, staggering one of the battlesuits. Brother Erik charged ahead, landing near the suit and lodging a krak grenade under one of its arms, immobilizing it. It was then the firebase turned their guns inward and opened up on Brother Erik, spitting out countless rounds of stubber ammunition at the Marine, most of them bouncing off of his armor like rocks on steel, but the volley of fire was so intense severl round struck true, finding cracks in his armor and cutting his flesh. With quick thinking, frag grenades, and a flame pistol, Erik silenced the stubbers just as his comrades entered the fire base. It was at this time the Orca Dropship descended onto the landing pad- but it was not there to drop off reinforcements, rather to extract the commander. The team pressed forward to the edge of the fire base, and were taking heavy fire from the second battlesuit and a team of fire warriors , but as often is the case, the Marines prevailed and the Tau were slaughtered before them. In the battle the Kill Team suffered no losses, however Brother Eizen suffered an indirect hit from one of the Rail Cannons, followed by a burst of fire from the Tau Pulse Rifles that left one of his arms numb and only partially functioning.

The Kill Team sent for backup, and the site was secured by Catachan Guardsmen and Inquisitor Quist joined them for a brief investigation. After both the marines and the Inquisitor tested each other’s position on the xenotech with guarded questions and implied disgust, the data was loaded up with the Marines and taken back to King’s Island, where the group could rest, meditate, and fix their equipment.

Each player got 500xp, except Erik got 575, Thomas got 575, and Eizen got 575, bringing the total base XP to 14,500.

Shadows of Baraban: Deployment

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Canis Salient/Iron Collar XXIIVVI.110

**** Peleus, Kings Island ****

The Kill Team rested and licked their wounds for over the 48 or so hours following their return; with no medical personnel on Peleus with knowledge of the Astartes physiology, all they could do was wait. Notably absent during this period was Inquisitor Quist, who did not reappear until the night of the ‘grand opening.’

The party was a typically pompous affair, with a dazzling array of food and drink for the rich and powerful, the lowest ranking Guardsman in attendant was still an officer. A General Tulgas followed Oathorn around the party, trying to pry stories of glory from, all the while raving about his own personal conquests. A Colonel and his Commissar were seen keeping an eye on the exchange. Erik made a pass at a young woman, and stalked her through a crowd of men seeking a fight with her newfound ‘protectors’ until Oathorn talked him down. Aside from that, the rest of the Kill Team kept to themselves and did not mingle with the attendees.

The next morning they were summoned to a ballroom within the building that had been sequestered by the Inquisition. Quist was here, along with several adepts, servitors, and an array of cogitators reviewing data that had been sent to them regarding an occurrence nearby in Baraban system; during a ‘routine’ engagement, the local Guard reported the sky blackened and daggers rained down upon them. Ordinarily the Inquisition would send acolytes to investigate, however the revelation of this data opened another chamber within the Omega Vault, revealing three archaeotech illuminators. In addition, intelligence reports from the planet indicate the Tau have not taken this bit of news lightly and have deployed a command team to Baraban, for what is presumed to be the same purpose as the Kill Team.

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Canis Salient/Greyhell Front XXIIVVI.114

**** Baraban, Outpost 420, Epsilon Garrison, Northeastern Continent, 37.6/-82.29 ****

Mission summary:

Primary Objective: Prevent whatever caused the rain of daggers from falling into Tau hands
Secondary Objective: Bring back information regarding the nature and capabilities of the phenomena and/or device
Tertiary Objective: Eliminate the Tau command squad

Team was granted 50 requisition for the mission, as well as a Land Speeder Storm and a Servitor Pilot to assist with fast and stealthy travel across the planet

The team agrees to travel to Barbaran and investigate just what the local Guardsmen were reporting. They boarded the Hunter-class frigate Spear of Fury, a Black Templar vessel, and traveled quickly to the planet, where they were nearly immediately inserted into combat. Outpost 420, the outpost closest to (and the source of) the reported encounter, was under assault from a sizeable warband of Kroot. The Astartes took quick and decisive action; Erik brought death from above and slammed into the heart of the combat, chainsword rending flesh, limb, and bone to pieces. Eizen and Thomas decended into the fray as well, swinging their blades and cutting down more of the filthy xenos. As the thunderhawk the team arrive on circled around, Oathorn gained a clear line of fire at the flank of the group, spitting bolts into their midst. It was not long before the tide turned; the Kroot, who had inflicted terrible casualties upon the Guardsman of Outpost 420, lost more than half their number in under a minute of fighting. They broke, fleeing full speed into the autumnal forest.

Though the small group of Marines had emerged victorious, it was not without their own blood being spilled. It was decided the group would rest at the outpost for the remainder of the day until their wounds had mended, and head out in search of this strange area in the morning.
They spoke with the Officer In Charge, a Lieutenant Lionus Drayle, who revealed that he was the last officer lest at Outpost 420. The General of their commanding base, Epsilon Garrison, recently went missing in action. General Caroses’ absence threw the Garrison into disarray, and the previous commander ot eh Outpost, Colonel Afton, returned and assumed command. He also had a first hand account of the battle that brought the Kill team to Baraban in the first place.

He relays that they had been fighting a large contingent of Stingwings the first portion of the day. They were making good progress against them and were pushing them back when the ‘ghosts came out.’ The Lt pushed his men forward to a glade where it’s reported the ghosts don’t particularly like, and they thought they had the enemy routed when a Hammerhead appeared and opened up on the with an Ion Cannon. At that point a black wall appeared in the sky and rained black spikes down on the team and vanished as quick as it appeared. Both xenos and Imperial fled, but not before the Lt packed up one of the shards and had it shipped off to the Inquisition. This was about two and a half weeks ago.

The group was awarded 503 experience for the session

Shadows of Baraban: Ghosts

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Canis Salient/Baraban XXIIVVI.114

**** Baraban, Grid 216 ****

The Kill Team descend upon the glade where the rain of daggers reportedly occurred and found there was indeed a xenos artifact hidden, phased, and revealed only to the archaeotec illuminators the team was equipped with. Brother Thomas attempts to interface with the device and manages to download a schematic with hundreds of indicators, suggesting that the planet is covered in these terrible devices. After a discussion within the group regarding the proper course of action, it is decided that the team only has the means to destroy the device. They head back to the Epsilon Garrison to gather explosives. It is here they requisition two demolitions specialists from the guard, a Private Trevor Wierzbowski and a Corporal Eric Johnson. They return to the glade and set their charges. There is some difficulty, in that the device will fade and phase out if it is not under the influence of an illuminator. Brother Thomas bravely experiments with the device, going so far as to be phased himself. During this time, several of the brothers begin to feel the call of their primarchs, from the hot blood and battle lust of Sanguinus to the pain of death suffered by Guilliuame.

Thomas thinks he can unphase the device, but in his haste, clouded by the bloodlust of his family line, he detonates the device, which sends a shockwave of some sort deep into the forests of the planet; the group would later discover that this act caused the guardsman nearby to tear themselves apart, killing another quarter of Outpost 420 and half of the Epsilon Garrison. But in the end the device is destroyed, and one less xenos artifact stands to haunt the planet.
The group decides to head into the woods in an attempt to fine Wierzbowski, who fled at the time of detonation, whence they stumble upon a fellow Deathwatch Marine; Brother Josiah of the Storm Wardens; along with an Inquisitor Kellar, Josiah has been tracking a Tau Commander through the system, starting first deep in the Greyhell Front and then following him to Baraban. The team decides Josiah is trustworthy, and continue their search for Wierzbowski- whom they find face down in a pool of blood in a forest clearing. As they move into inspect the body, a forgotten picket of Tau Sentry Drones appears, firing into the group. Despite the power of their alien blasters, they prove no match for the might of the kill teams combined firepower- heavy bolter shell and chainsword rend the lifeless drones to pieces, sending the survivors scattering into the forest.

500xp was awarded

Shadows of Baraban: Madness

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Canis Salient/Baraban XXIIVVI.115

**** Baraban, Epsilon Garrison, Northeastern Continent, 39.1/-81.29 ****

The Team returned to Epsilon garrison to rest and recuperate. The following morning they move to Fort Avernus, the Imperial holding on the southern part of the continent, where Lord General XXX commands the overall war effort on Baraban. It is here Brother Thomas, with the aid of Imperial Cogitators, aligns the markers from his diagram with a map of the planet. The Kill team then moves to a nearby location to inspect it, and finds yet another archway. This one is mostly unphased and slowly disintegrating. There was a battle here, but it appeared to be between Vespid and Fire Warriors. Brother Thomas interfaces again with the device, and this time accesses some additional data; it appears there are only a handful of active sites on the planet- one on the southern continent and one in the western mountains. The other devices show themselves as somehow deactivated, perhaps already triggered in Barabans clouded past.

Wasting little time, the group heads south to the southernmost continent to Fort Dorn, to explore the 3rd Delirium Trellis site. Before reaching the site, it appears the Tau are aware of the teams presence, and a firefight erupts with cloaked stealth suits. Brother Erik engages the agile foe, striking at shadows and shifting colors, while Brother Ezien summons the warp to create an energy shield around the rest of the team. Eizen and Oathorn concentrate fire on one of the Tau while Erik battles through burst cannon fire to finish off another one. With a stroke of luck, or misfortune, the remaining battlesuits jam their weapons and slink back into the forest from whence they came.

Shortly after, as the group nears the clearing where the trellis is thought to be, a small group of deranged Kroot descend from the trees, striking with mono edged spears and leaping back into the trees almost as quickly losing one of their number to a mighty surge of warp energy channeled by Brother Eizen. Brother Erik, once again, charges into the fray without the support of his allies, and bravely (but foolishly) engages the Kroot on their turf, who inflict terrible wounds on him, nearly scalping him. Through combined force of arms, the Kroot are dispatched. In their tree fort, Erik uncovers that the Kroot here have been killing regardless of allegiance, finding remains of Vespid, Tau, and Guardsmen. It is also here he finds two EMP grenades.

The Kill Team uncovers the device in a glade, and the destructive method of choice this time around is felling one of the mighty trees onto the center of the arch. It is nearby the team also uncovers what appears to be the ruins of a fort or bunker. In it they find an ancient journal of one of the inhabitants, describing himself as one of the last survivors of the planet, the rest of the world turning on itself in an insane fury of violence, not unlike that which plagues the local guard regiments.

The team uses their skimmer to head northwest, towards Faithspire Station. They reach it and find their messages to the astropath have indeed been sent. They also find most of the command staff here to be aloof and ill-informed of the goings on across the planet, despite their magnificent view and armada of fliers.

The group again rests and checks their gear, preparing to head into the mountains to the 4th, and presumably final, active trellis.

550xp was awarded.

If Brian reads this he can have an additional 25 (total 575) because I liked his speech he gave when he started up his squad mode abilities.

Shadows of Baraban: 4th and Final

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Canis Salient/Baraban XXIIVVI.116

**** Baraban, Epsilon Garrison, Northeastern Continent, 38.1/127.12 ****

From Faithspire the team heads out on skimmer, heading northward towards the believed location of the final archway. It is here that they meet with a group of crazed guardsman, obviously out of their minds. They pay them no heed and progress to the summit, where they find a battlefield strewn with dead guardsmen and Fire Warriors. It appears a pitched battle took place here, and it also appears that an Trellis may have stood here once.

The team returns to the mad guardsmen and follows their trail into the mountainside. They progress through tight stony corridors mined out by Vespid, only to find a large chamber where the company of guardsmen have made themselves a home. Captain Samasel Orlos leads the men, and stands at the archway with a servitor plugged into the device. It appears he and his men managed to find the Trellis and lower it into the cavern they call home. Orlos believes the device was delivered by the Emperor to him, so that he could find a way to open it and take his men to a better place away from the insanity and bitter cold of this mountain top.

Though some of the Brothers believe that these men should simply be pushed out of the mountain, Brother Oathorn and Brother Erik have an unlikely connection; they feel these men have done their best to serve their Emperor in the best way they can, and while they were not strong enough to bear the storm the Delirium Trellises played on their minds, they are still His servants.

Oathorn calls for a large transport ship to secure the Trellis, and the 150 or so guardsman, with plans to have them stationed on Peleus with some hope of clearing their minds. After convincing the men that they passed the Emperor’s test, and they were sent to find the beacon of the arch and secure it for him, the men also show the group a captured Tau Water Caste. His name is Kor’Ui Arsheth, and treats the Battle Brothers as though they are close allies. He informs them that there is a gue’la General that waits for them to show him the wisdom of the Greater Good, and he sits at a Tau base. He asks for their escort, which the Brothers sarcastically agree to.

The team heads the 5 or 6 hours to the Eastern continent, where Kor’Ui tells the Kill Team the base is just over the next rise, which earns him a marine ceremonial knife across his throat. Gurgling his final breath of air, he falls limply out of the land speeder.

Brother Erik stealtfully moves over the ridge and takes in the scene; there is a heavy gunship, a Manta, refuling and loading. There is an Imperial Guard general being loaded onto an Orca Dropship. There is a team of Fire Warriors walking the perimeter. All of it requires quick action- the brothers devise a plan and rush to the edge of the treeline and open fire. The Manta "crew ":http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Images/Product/DefaultFW/large/acgroundcrew.jpg is ripped to pieces under the combined firepower of Brother Thomas and Brother Josiah’s Heavy Bolters. The Orca shudders and shakes as Brother Ezien and Brother Oathorn fire Heavy Bolt shells and Krak missles at the craft. Brother Erik holds his ground, preparing to charge in when the opening presents itself.

The Fire Warriors react, unleashing the fury of the xenos pulse rifles into the treeline, which offers little more than concealment to the potent technological marvels. Bursts of fire rake the treeline, burning and injuring the Marines. Brother Erik holds position, and the Heavy Bolters shift aim and begin to fire upon the Orca. Brother Eizen drops his heavy weapon and calls deep into the warp and erects a Force Dome over his Brothers. The fire warriors quickly fall to the bolter fire, and Brother Josiah drives home a long burst from his weapon into the side of the Orca. One of the rounds penetrates the rear armor plating and detonates within the ships reactor core, causing it to burst in a massive blue-orange fireball, killing everyone inside and likely anyone nearby the base. The top level of the structure is pancaked downward, killing or maiming the Tau within.

After the fires subside, the team searches the wreckage and finds a piece of Trellis locked in a storage case (slowly disintegrating), they find the chest plate and head of Shas’El Keyl, Brother Josiah’s target.

After securing their cargo, the team then sets upon breaching the blast doors that secure the base. After several krak grenades a missile, and some demolition charges, the door breaks free of its housing, revealing a dark corridor inside.

Everyone Received 550 xp, bringing the total BASE xp to 16,503.

Baraban's Loose Ends

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Canis Salient/Baraban XXIIVVI.116

**** Baraban, Somewhere on the Northeastern Continent, 38.1/127.12 ****

The Kill team had breached the door to the bunker, and following the Codex proceeded inside using grenades and flamers to clear the rooms ahead of them. As they progressed through, the only measureable resistance offered from the Tau inside the bunker was a team of Stealth Suits who’s ambushed would’ve killed a squad of lesser men. Eizen mustered forth the blessings of the warp once more and halted the machine spirit within each of the battle suits, rendering them motionless, sitting targets for the rest of the squad.

The Tau knew they were outmatched, and disabled or destroyed the majority of working equipment left in the facility save for one beacon sending out a distress call to the others.
The team left the smoldering ruin and returned to Faithspire Station where they were aided in the recovery of the (thought to be) final arch on Baraban via Inquisitor Kellar’s cargo haulers. He was tall for an unaugmented human, dressed in garb so stereotypical of an Inquisitor most men would be able to see him coming blocks away. A large cloak emblazoned with symbols of the Empire of Man, small tomes chained and bound to him like a bandoleer, carrying an Astartes Bolt Pistol and Power Sword. It is highly unusual for those outside of the Astartes to carry such a prize, it is not unlikely he holds a position of honor among some within the Deathwatch.

It was through force of will and a sense of duty and honor that the ‘deserters’ of the mountain were called aboard Kellar’s vessel and transported to Peleus. Kellar was bemused by the Kill team’s action, but as this was a Deathwatch mission he kept his nose rightfully out of it. After retuning to Erioch, Diaz Lan, ambassador to the Deathwatch from the Crusade forces, listened to the rationale of the Kill Team in having the Empire spend resources tending to a company of crazed men rather than diverting everything into the war effort directly, and left seeming quite pleased with their explanation.

550xp was awarded. 5 Renown was the base award. Oathorn and Ezien received 6 for standing their ground and not giving into the ‘easy’ method of dealing with 150 or so men touched by xenos taint. Erik received 7, both for standing alongside Oathorn and Ezien as well as continuing to throw caution to the wind and charge into combat helmetless.

Descent to Tantalus

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Erioch System XXIIVVI.130

From Erioch, Brother Ephriam summoned the Kill Team to a briefing chamber and delivered the requirements of the next mission. On the coreward edge of the Orpheus Salient in a quiet sector known by the largest life supporting world Eiken. It is here that the Trader vessel Heavenly Seduction was exploring when it came across a Space Hulk of some kind. They issued a distress call via Astropathic message that morning. The Striding Ocelot and Ostogar’s Typhoon, an Endurance Light Cruiser and Dictator Cruiser respectively were originally dispatched by the Crusade forces to investigate, but the clear indication from the distress call that there was a Xenos threat involved that somehow managed to disable the Seduction warranted the Deathwatch’s attention.

The team dispatched aboard Thunder’s Word, a ship that has been in service to the Deathwatch of the reach for over 2,000 years. Its hallways and ready rooms have carried countless Marines to do the Emperor’s work in that time. The Word is a Gladius Class Frigate, the Astartes version of a Sword Frigate, but heavily modified for speed and stealth. It was this ship who first made contact with the Great Devourer as it began its unrelenting march into the sector in 814 in the Freya system.

During their approximately two week trip to the Eiken system the team is summoned by their Watch Captain to the bridge, who recounts the condition of a moon designated Tantalus. Tantalus orbits a gas giant and was an Agri-World serving Castobel. Recently, as have many worlds in the Salient, Tantalus has come under assault from the Tyranids. Tantalus is overrun with xeno-forms. Imperial resistance has been crushed, primary starports and habitable zones have been lost, the Garrison destroyed, the central government ripped apart, and an estimated lunar casualty rate of 92% and rising. There is fragmented resistance in the polar regions, but is totally inadequate to prevent the Swarm from advancing and scouring the world of all life. It is estimated that within 40-90 hours biospheric conversion will commence. Tantalus is lost.
However a distress call from its surface has gathered the attention of the Deathwatch. Magos Biologis Vyakai was on Tantalus when the swarm attacked the planet and took the opportunity to record vital data about the nature of the Hive. He has put this information in his internal data core and is fleeing for the polar regions of the planet, where he hopes to transfer the information (and be extracted) to the Kill Team.

As the group arrives in the orbit of Tantalus, the Thunder’s Word moves into stealth operations. A transmission is received again from the Magos indicating his ship has been shot down, somewhere near a promethium refinery designated Pyroclast-Gamma-9. By the time the Word is within range of Tantalus, it is estimate that there are 5 to 6 hours before the main swarm reaches the polar regions and sweeps them clean of life. Brother Ephriam deems due to the time constraints, the team should be deployed into two locations via drop pod and convene on the center of the compound, then extract together.

Primary Objective: Recover Magos Vyakai’s Data Core
Secondary Objective: Extract with Magos Vyakai
Requisition: 30

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Orpheus Salient XXIIVVI.133

**** Tantalus, Southern Polar Region – Pyroclast-Gamma-9****

Brother Thomas and Brother Erik board one drop pod, leaving Eizen, Oathorn, and Josiah in the second pod. They descend onto the dying world on wings of fire.

Thomas and Erik’s pod lands on the southern side of the maglev line, while the others take the north. It’s not long before Erik and Thomas spot the scar of a crashed flyer. Their investigation uncovers that the Magos rigged the ship to boost the vox singnal, and has looped the audio distress call. The pair follow the Magos’ tracks eastward and stumble across a group of Tyranid victims. Two dead naval officers and a badly damaged servitor lay dead, the ground soaked in blood. Thomas attempts to retrieve data from the servitor but it is damaged beyond use. They press onward, turning south and heading into a security bunker where they find system security access. It’s apparent that the systems are mostly offline- the primary functions of the plan are offline or spinning out of control prior to the swarm arriving. As the two are prepared to leave, a lone Tyranid Warrior bursts forth from the ground. The two engage it, chainswords biting deep into its flesh. The beast give little ground, driven onward without regard for itself, rapidly swinging it’s scything talons, penetrating Brother Erik’s armor and pouring it’s venom into his veins. Brother Thomas scores a lucky hit, across the beast’s midsection, temporarily stunning it and leaving it open to Brother Erik’s final killing blow, rending the creature open from tip to tail. Steam rises from the corpse and the blood and entrails that cover the wall of the facility and the armor and faces of the Astartes.

The team heads north, heading for the mag lev line in an attempt to orient themselves with the main command center of this area. It is then they hear the distinct sound of lasguns echoing across the tundra. They quickly move to investigate and find the last of a squad of guardsmen readying their line to defend against another assault. Their cover is the overturned transport that brought them here. Their commanding officer is a young Commissar Sander, who shouts orders and prepares the team to face their attacker one final time. Across the ravine in which the battle is unfolding is an undulating carpet of hormagaunts. The Battle Brothers waste no time, Brother Erik calling for a bolter assault, charging into the fray to defend the soldiers of the Imperium. He lands himself between the horde of Tyranids and the Guardsmen, lobbing a grenade into the oncoming tide and unleashing purifying fire against them. Thomas too hurls a grenade, and the guardsmen open fire with everything they’ve got. Scores of Tyranids fall to the weapons fire, are cut down by shrapnel, or burst into flames, but it’s not enough. The swarm is overwhelming and they leap atop Brother Erik like a living tide, almost toppling him over. They claw at every opening, at every crevice, at every vulnerable spot on his body, pulling pieces of flesh off and out with their diminutive claws and talons. Brother Thomas lobs another grenade, the guardsment continue to fire, and Brother Erik ignites his thrusters to boost himself just outside of the beast’s reach and again pours holy promethium across the swarm. The handful left again climb onto Erik, but now Thomas is within striking distance, and he bats them off of his companion with ease. Due almost in total to the bravery and the fortitude of the Astartes, not a single guardsman falls in the assault.

Without much talking, the group asks the Commissar and his men to join them, and they head north to the train line. It is here they find Adept Halis hiding in a closet within the maintenance outpost. He is terrified, and has been held within the building for the past several days. Again, without probing for questions or information, they grab Halis and take him with them, and the rag tag platoon climbs the maintenance ladders to the top of the maglev platform.

500xp was awarded.

There was also an apparent missed week in the recaps, where about 500xp was given out, essentially bringing the nights total to 1,000xp to bring the adventure log up to what we think is reality. The total base XP should be around 18,003 (I think).


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