Judgement of the Righteous

A New Enemy in the Reach

315.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Spinward/Coreward of Slinnar Drift

* Archeron Colony Station – X76-773 *

After investigating Array-Alpha, Brother Thomas revealed to the team that the Eldar had taken control of the Array rather than taking it offline, and had used it for their own devices. The data that recorded directions, alignment, data discovered, etc., had all been removed from the system via HDD removal. After restoring the equipment to normal operation, the team proceeded to Array-Bravo.

At Bravo the team encountered a team of Reapers, which knocked out their ATV. Approaching on foot under the shield of Brother Eizen, the team easily reached the facility and breached the outer wall.

At this time it is reported that the team came under some sort of Psychic Interference, it is thought that an Eldar Farseer or powerful Eldar Warlock was to blame. The enemy psyker attempted telepathic contact or control of the team, but from all accounts the attempt was resisted.

Using Brother Thomas’ plasma cutter, the group descended into the control chamber and engaged a band of Edlar inside, who seemed intent on outright destroying what data remained in the system via melta weapons. After eliminating the Eldar forces inside the structure, the team returned the device to service and proceeded to exit the facility where they came under attack from a pair of Eldar Walkers, a Falcon Grav Tank, and a small squad of Guardians. Despite the powerful weaponry of the Eldar, the skills and weapons of the Kill Team aided by the Warp Powers of Brother Eizen once again proved to be superior to our xenos foes. The Eldar were cut down to the last.

During the conflict however, Brother Eizen pushed his powers to their fullest and created some kind of Psychic rift. He vanished from the battlefield temporarily only to be returned a few moments later. On his return his Brothers described him as being covered in gore and strange symbols. Whatever influence or confusion that clouded Brother Eizen, he valiantly fought off the corrupting forces and focused his powers on aiding his Kill Team. Upon his return, the Eldar seemed to focus their energies on him individually, and the results were fatal. Upon autopsy, it has been revealed that no less than 76 of the Eldar Shuriken penetrated his armor and flesh, rending his body unfit to carry the fight.

After the combat concluded at Array-Bravo, the team buried the Soul Stones recovered from the Eldar, and rendezvoused with the Thunderhawk. Data recovered from the Array before it could be destroyed led the team to believe the Eldar were searching for something terrestrial.
Following the coordinates uncovered in the Array the team found a large clearing, 100m or so across. Within this clearing appeared to be a buried Webway gate.

Brother Eizen shall be remembered for his tireless duty to the Empire, and his constant focus on leveraging his powers to protect his fellow Deathwatch Marines.

Brother Wilhelm successfully recovered both Geneseeds from brother Eizen, and they will be transported back to the Ultramarines. News of Eizen’s death has reached his companion Othorn, who may be given the solem duty of returning the Geneseed to its proper place.
I feel it worth noting in this report that Brother Wilhelm is of the Black Templars Chapter, and does his organization proud by holding the duties of the Apothacarium and the Deathwatch above his personal feelings.

Signed this 320th day of 817, M.41
In His Service,
Codicer Peterious

Ask not the Eldar a question, for they will give you three answers, all of which are true and terrifying to know

500xp was awarded

Strangers in the Reach

315.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Spinward/Coreward of Slinnar Drift

* Archeron Colony Station – X76-773 *

In order to restore power, the team ventured out to the Plasma Reactor. Along the route Brother Deadalus’ keen eyes spotted a watching Elder in the branches. He took a shot, but the ancient being deftly moved out of the way and fell into the snow. At that point the Xenos vanished into the snow. The group cursed the sly and agile xenos’ nature(1). After performing a building sweep, the team engaged the startup sequence, only to find that someone had altered the reactor’s code in small but dangerous ways. As the reactor started down the path of overloading, the door to the facility was closed, locked, and disabled. Brother Thomas, aided by Brother Willhelm, was able to avert the meltdown and then reverse engineer the corrupted code.

With power restored, the Kill Team returned to the colony main structure and performed a thorough search of the facility, from Hydroponics to Engineering, and found very few signs of a conflict. Only the diced corpses in the Astropath’s chamber and the barricade on the way to the command and control station indicated that the residents here didn’t simply walk into the snowy woods.

With a hurricane sized storm heading in, the team decided to brave the weather and begin a systematic search of the Astronimic Array sites, starting to the south and east, Array-Charlie. Using one of the ATVs stored at the main facility, the team first headed out to the Plasma Generator, where they powered it down and welded the door shut.

At Charlie the group found shell shocked and sleep deprived Imperial Guard Sergeant and a handful of civilians he managed to escape the main compound with. He described in a fragmented and confused manner, that Eldar stormed the facility and did room to room inspection. He managed to round up some survivors and fled into the snow, taking one of the vehicles, looking for a way to escape the carnage- the local staff was obviously outmatched by the Eldar host.

They fled to the furthest Array and camped out inside. He looked for coms but didn’t know enough about how they worked to send a message, so instead they set up barricades and sentry guns as a defense and hunkered down. A single press from the Eldar came a week or so ago, but the tarantula turrets held them off. No sign of the Eldar have shown up since then. It was around that time it came apparent the power systems that were powering the array didn’t have enough spare power to keep the underground bunker heated and with clean water, so the Sergeant re-routed some of the power from the array to his survival gear in order to keep his group alive.

Brother Thomas temporarily restored power to the array and downloaded all of its current data to his own dataslate/cogitator before restoring power to the basement. The Sergeant seemed genuinely surprised that an Inquisitorial Astartes of obvious Mars affiliation wouldn’t simply shoot him for his treatment of the electronics of such a highly valued piece of equipment. The Kill Team promised to return once the Eldar threat was quelled.
From there Epriam-Delta headed to the Astronomic Array-Alpha, the storm still raging outside. Inside the long approach corridor, Brother Deadalus caught an Eldar Dark Reaper off guard and ended his long life with a bolt round in the cranium. The shot was silent, but the violent eruption of the Xenos’ skull was not, and the Xenos did not work alone. His companion opened fire down the long corridor with his Reaper Launcher, inflicting some serious wounds on the Astartes. Josiah and Erik sprinted down the long corridor, and Josiah soaked fire while firing bolt rounds down the hall. After the Reaper’s life was ended, he turned the corner and opened up on a small squad of guardians that were holed up in the basement. It was not long before the melee specialists joined the fray and finished what was left of the Xenos.

Brother Thomas prepared to head up the service hatch into the Array proper in order to see what the Eldar had been up to in the Empire’s absence.

600xp was awarded. 2 Bonus Req was awarded for the previous mission when The Chantleader was murdered in cold blood.

1. Superficially, the Eldar appear very similar to humans, though they are generally taller and slimmer, with sharp features and pointed ears. They are long-lived by human standards, and most will live more than a thousand years unless they die from accident or disease. Eldar also have much faster metabolic rates than humans, and their cardiac and neurological systems are more advanced. These traits manifest in their vastly heightened reactions and agility compared to humans. To them humans seem to move in slow motion with a certain degree of awkwardness, while to humans the Eldar can move with distracting grace and can be blindingly fast in combat. As a race they have a high level of psychic ability, which serves as the foundation of their technology. The Eldar that actively cultivate their psyker potential seem to exhibit a much-extended lifespan as well, one proportional to their prowess. The Farseers of the Eldar can live for several thousand years. Eldar are mentally far superior to humans, and feel all emotions much more strongly, requiring the Eldar to exercise constant restraint to avoid mental breakdown.[Needs Citation]
The real military strength of the Eldar armies derives from their highly specialized Aspect Warriors. These Eldar are walking the Path of the Warrior. Once an Eldar has chosen to tread this path he joins a specific Aspect Shrine. There, Exarchs train them in a specific aspect of warfare.
Each Warrior Aspect represents one, very specific aspect of warfare. As Kaela Mensha Khaine is the god of war, each Aspect embodies a facet of the god. It is impossible to say how many different Aspects there are. The most common Aspects have shrines on most Craftworlds, while some Aspects are unique to a particular Craftworld.

Identified Eldar Aspects

Name Battlefield Role
Dire Avengers General combat
Howling Banshees Melee combat
Striking Scorpions Melee combat, stealth
Dark Reapers Long-ranged fire support
Fire Dragons Tank-hunters, anti-structure role
Swooping Hawks ‘Death from above’
Warp Spiders “Aggressive defense”, hit-and-run attacks
Shining Spears Hit-and-run attacks
Eagle Pilot Fighter-pilots
Shadow Spectres Highly mobile warriors with powerful Anti-tank weapons
Lost Transmission

315.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Spinward/Coreward of Slinnar Drift

* Archeron Colony Station – X76-773 *

X76-773 is an icy planet in the Spinward region of the Reach. No previously existing record has yet been found of the planet, and initial colonial and research efforts have not uncovered much indication of prior inhabitants. Thus the numerical descriptor.

The planet is at the edge of the green zone, circling its star slowly, taking approximately 512 standard days to complete an orbit. It experiences roughly 75% of its cycle in a cold but moist environment, resulting in storms and heavy snowfall. It features a brief spring/summer during the remaining months where the snows melt and rain falls. The vegetation is largely of the Coniferophyta variety, and the trees cover much of the landscape. Local fauna appears to consist of insect life, small flying mammals, and smaller rodents. No large fauna has been detected at this point.

The colony present supports approximately 250 individuals. 15 members of the Mechanics, 62 members of the Imperial Guard, and the remainder the Guard families and tag alongs. It is an Archeron standard layout. Command and Control, the Infirmary, and general quarters are in the Eastern primary track. Hydroponics is in the eastern secondary complex. Engineering, vehicles, and security are located in the western track. The northern segment contains entertainment and exercise facilities.

Two Kilometers to the west is the Plasma Reactor, which provides primary power to the whole facility. 20-30 km to the North, South East, and South West lay the Astronomic Arrays, placed roughly equidistant from the ‘center’ of the colony.

This colony is staffed largely with Guardsman relived of active duty from front line missions. Each would be trained in basic hand to hand combat and to use a lasrifle at a minimum. Several of the colony would be designated security personnel and issued given pistols and stun batons for standard duty. The rest of the weaponry would likely be kept in the security office (security office is a misleading term, as it typically is a locker room containing weapons and related equipment. Security monitors and the like would all be maintained by the Command and Control station at the southernmost tip of the facility.

The facility was issued three All-Terrain Vehicles capable of weathering the rough snowy terrain present on the world.

The planet is of interest to the Crusade effort at this time due in large part to its strategic Acheros and Canis Salients. In addition, it is Coreward enough to have been (for now) passed over by the Tyranids. The current known resources on the world are wood, which is of little military interest to Tau or Chaos forces, which further protect it. In addition to the terrestrial advantages, it has a Warp based advantage as well. The surges in the Warp in the region are in such a pattern that long range Astronomic Arrays can provide excellent intelligence on enemy troop movements through the reach. Chaos and Tau forces have ways to obscure themselves from the Arrays, and frequently do, however the Tyranids do not. Access to troop movements, strengths, and dispositions of Hive Fleet Dagon could be a turning point for the Orpheus Salient. As such, three Arrays were built on X76-773.

As of two weeks ago, Astropathic communication with the colony was interrupted (mid stream). 11 days ago one of the Astronomic Arrays stopped transmitting. One day later a second Array went offline. Eight days ago the last Array went offline.

Kill Team Ephriam-Delta is dispatched to investigate.

  • Primary Objective 1: Secure the Imperial Facility
  • Primary Objective 2: Reactivate the arrays if possible- if not possible recover any and all data gathered by the arrays
  • Secondary Objective: Secure and provide aid to any colony survivors
  • Secondary Objective: Determine the cause of communication and astronomic data disruption
  • Requisition: 90
    Kill Team Ephriam-Delta was dispatched aboard Thunder’s Word, and was dropped planetside via Thunderhawk Gunship, under the piloting skills of Brother Killian of the Storm Warden’s Chapter. Joining the team to provide medical expertise in the event of survivors is Brother Willhelm. Brother Eizen also returned from his short stint as a diplomat behind the Iron Collar with Brother Orthorn.
    The team approached the facility from the south noting several items:
  • Snow covered the landscape, and while the roadway was an obvious depression, there were no recent tracks from anything with legs, wheels, or tracks
  • One of the All-Terrain vehicles was discovered, in fair repair, though a detailed diagnostic run was not performed
  • The storm shutters on the facility were closed
  • There was a barricade in the eastern hallway of the western facility between one of the primary entrances and the command and control center
  • The facility was powered down, though Brother Thomas was able to recover some personal log data from the C&C cogitator by powering it up with his own power module.
    • The Base Commander (Cmdr Johnson) noted increasing reports of superstitious activity- missing tools and the like were all being blamed on some sort of forest daemon)
    • These reports were increasing, and he continued to dismiss them, until a few colony residents went missing
    • Something then attacked the facility, moving like ghosts in the shadows, lending credence to some of the stories told by his men
  • The general quarters appeared largely undisturbed- not looted or burnt like the quarters in the Palace of the Peace on Ullmanor

The team turned west, towards the plasma reactor, to see if they could restore power and full functionality to the station.

250 xp was awarded.

Holding the Fort

Mission XII-28758847.69:P Ullmanor, Entry 1.1:

A team of Grey Knights led by a Justicar Allaric teleported in to the Ephriam-Delta’s location using proprietary Deathwatch codes supplied by Brother Willhelm of the Black Templars (Previously Ephriam-Gamma). Grey Knights took control of the Palace of the Peace, where the Artifact was located.
Ephriam-Delta proceeded to infiltrate Ullmanor’s South Eastern defense tower, and used the firepower to demolish the South Western tower and the incoming transports. With a stable base of operations the Kill Team, aided by the 122nd, were able to hold position and perform targeted raids against a distracted and disorganized foe.
Approximately two standard weeks after sizing the defense tower, reinforcements arrived from the Cellebose warzone to begin cleanup operations.
Reports from Epriam-Delta and the Grey Knights strongly suggest that Lord Kyrus, the Chantleader was terminated by the Kill Team, and the device he sought was a large orb like structure that has henceforth been claimed by the Ordo Malleus for safe keeping and examination. Three Chaos Obliterators were also present on planet, believed to have been part of an expedition seeking an artifact unrelated to the orb. It is suspected, based largely on their exit strategy that they were already in possession of this artifact. The Ordo Malleus is investigating.

500xp was awarded, and 5 renown.

Pete, you take 7 corruption, sucker.

The Old Enemy

Access By: Codicer Peterious
Access ID XXIIVVIVXX-Alpha-227-Victory
Kill Team: Sergeant Ephriam: Delta
Summary of Recent Assignments, Date Range 301.817.M41 – Present
Mission XII-2278907.23.H: Virgultus:Kill team was dispatched to Virgultus to investigate distress beacon emanating from planet. Planet was suspected (confirmed) of conducting unsanctioned biological experiments on the local flora and fauna. Kill team engaged local Orc warband and uncovered conspiracy amongst the local Adepts and an Imperial Commander.

Mission XII-28758847.69:P Ullmanor:Kill team dispatched to Ullmanor at the request of an Ordo Xenos Acolyte. It was reported that the Acolyte’s Inquisitor was not taking threats of rebellion seriously, and was being uncharacteristically blasé about the affair. Kill Team move in to investigate. Ullmanor currently out of contact. Two distress calls received (from planet and from Imperial Navy) over non-secure channels indicating Chaos Invasion underway. Ordo Malleus requisitioned one Deathwatch Astartes and has sent in a small spearhead force to assist with coordinating planetary defenses. Larger forces are being mobilized but are expected to be delayed due to ongoing operations in nearby sectors.

Notes: Brothers Eizen and Orthorn have not return from assignemtns to investigate the Commanding Officers linked to the Virgultus Incident (Mission XII-269854253.45.2). Brother Deadalus is assumed to have rejoined Delta after completing Mission XII-25635284.22.3-Q.

Green Landing

95.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Virgultus

* Vroserius Tree Research Facility – Jodelle’s Reach *

After five days of rest and rehabilitation, the Kill Team was summoned to meet with Watch Captain Ephrim concerning a possible Xenos threat. He introduced the team to a Dark Angel who would be aiding them in their coming mission, named Elyas. He seemed knowledgeable and looking forward to aiding his new brothers in their mission. It was explained that the Imperial Navy had taken control of a planet near the Iron Collar, named Virgultus, with hopes of using the large, fertile planet as an Agri-World. It was further explained that the Imperial Guard fought back an incursion of Orcs long enough to establish a head upon a plateau clearing they aptly named Jodelle’s Reach, after the head of the regiment, Captain Affendi Sariff Jodelle. Watch Captain Ephrim then gave the Kill Team a document that was recovered from communications between the on-world facility and the Mechanicus wing of the Imperial Navy.


Further investigation prior to engagement revealed that a generic distress beacon was emanating from the facility, but that all communications ceased after the release of the above document. Also revealed was the fact that the planet has no native fauna, and that the flora is quite aggressive. The most impressive of the listed flora was a species called the Vroserius Tree, which was the subject of research and the cause of so much Inquisitorial obfuscation on the part of the Imperial Navy.

Vroserius Tree
Known: The Vroserius Tree is an indigenous species of vining evergreen flat-leaf tree native to the planet of Virgultus. It has shown unique properties of reaction to its surroundings, including the ability to instantly react to incursions into its territory*. It is an aggressive species that has the equally unique ability to react to changes in its territory that result in changes to its internal chemistry, making it more robust or otherwise able to survive extreme environments. It is one of the most robust species of plants ever discovered.
Note: The territory of the Vroserius Tree seems to be defined by the extent of the reach of its vines. This is usually no more than 5 to 6 meters from the base of the tree, but has been shown to be as much as 9 meters.

The Kill Team then received their objectives, requisitioned their equipment, and headed to the surface in a small shuttle craft.

Primary Objective:
Recover any records from the research facility regarding cultivation of the Vroserius Tree.
Secondary Objective:
Engage the Xenos with caution to gain first-hand knowledge of its potential threat.
Tertiary Objective:
Recover any survivors of the infestations.

Upon touching down to the planet, the Kill Team began to cautiously emerge their craft. As they were scanning their surroundings using the Auspex Servitor formerly known as the Heron Mask, they heard a rustling from within the craft. It was at this point that Brother Eisen reported to the rest of his brothers that the surrounding foliage in all directions was affected by the taint of the Warp. Immediately after his statement of Warp infestation, the shuttle craft’s pilot began to fire at the group using his sidearm. He was tackled by Brother Eric with assistance from Brother Eisen, who stated that the pilot was tainted by the Warp. At that point, Brother Eric snapped the pilot’s neck, to ensure his taint died there.

The Kill Team reported back their initial findings regarding the need for environmentally sealed armor (But left out their findings regarding the ubiquitous Warp taint) and then began to make their way across the space port towards the only structure in sight. They ran some initial scans of the building, getting a rudimentary layout of the internal structure, and after smearing the scum from the windows in the control room, gained a visual. They then heard something from inside the building. When they attempted to gain access to the structure, the Kill Team was stopped by people within, who are apparently aware of the potential for infection from outside their sealed environment. The man speaking from within the building claims to be Captain Jodelle and he states that he has 11 survivors with him, all members of the Imperial Guard.

While this conversation is taking place, several members of the Kill Team hear the sounds of movement down in the surrounding jungle. Brothers Othorn and Eric moved to cover the South of the pad against what became evident as several hundred small green Orcs, who some members recalled are known as Gretchen. Brother Josiah takes position on top of the main building, gaining a better vantage on the 30 meter drop into the jungle. From his vantage, he could see that there was a second wave in waiting, as well as three dozen hulking Orcs armed with jump packs and power axes. Brothers Eisen, Elyas, and Thomas took positions on the North of the pad, alerted by their servitor of an oncoming threat. There, they saw hundreds more of these small maniacal creatures along with dozens more of the snarling Storm Boyz. A firefight ensued, lasting only a matter of seconds.

From his vantage, Brother Josiah mowed down hundreds of the small relentless Gretchen. Brothers Eisen, Thomas, and Elyas defended the North using a combination of heavy firepower and hand- to-hand tactics, suffering only minimal injuries (nothing lasting). Meanwhile, Brothers Othorn and Eric defended the South from those that Brother Josiah and a well-placed suppressive fire didn’t devastate, using mostly hand-to-hand tactics. In the end, only a handful of Gretchen were left alive to flee into the jungle. As their feral, insane screams faded into the distance, the Kill Team regrouped near the structure.

Gained 500xp

Traitors in our Midst

83.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Karlack XXIIVVI

Kal’Vex Bulwark

The Kill Team pulled in to land at the Malvon Bulwark aboard the commandeered Valkyrie troop carrier. Their plan was to walk forth, enter the base, and seize control in a bloodless coup. Commander Isiaah had other plans, and as was later discovered through interrogating survivors had instructed his men that Traitor Astartes had killed an Inquisitor in Citadel Primaris, had wiped out a neighboring bulwark, and now set their sights on Malvon. The base opened fire, and in a vulgar burst of firepower the autocannons that defended the facility obliterated the Valkyrie. The Team moved out, approaching the base, using Eizen’s powers of the warp to prevent the cannons from blowing them to pieces. It was then that three Sentinel walkers emerged from the southern vehicle depot and opened fire. Lascannons blasted out and multilasers spun and spat hot death towards the Loyalists. Orthorn, in a rare display of self-sacrifice, charged the Sentinels to draw fire from Eizen in order than he continue to keep the massive defense cannons disabled. In the end the Deathwatch was victorious, though grave wounds had been received. Orthorn shouted at the structure, giving them a final chance to surrender to the Inquisition, the alternative of course being death. As it turns out, there was some sort of internal struggle over the correct course of action, and the guardsman fought each other. Only three survived, and all of them were in shock. It was discovered that the Commander had fled the station, tracks led north into the thick, rebel infested jungle. The brothers took up position to defend the bulwark rather than pursue the traitor, given that his power of authority and capability to disrupt PDF and Guard activity on Karlack had been taken from him.

The Kill team left Malvon several hours later, in the late evening, after being relieved by a contingent of PDF troopers. They departed for Kal’Vex, where the auger arrays were. As the sun finally gave up the last of its light, the new Valkyrie penetrated the western edge of the storm wall that beset the island. Battered but undamaged, the pilot skillfully landed on the pad. It was only a short time before the team was introduced to “The Guest” which after questioning was assumed to be what was left of Inquisitor Zaer Vincent. He was disheveled, withered, sunburnt, and malnourished. His mind was broken in some way, he spoke mostly in riddles, truly revealing only that the Dark Brothers of the Astartes went to the sunken city, that it was further to the east of their position, and to get inside of it they needed a map and a key. Vincent was under the distinct impression he had already given the team the Key.

It was decided that when the storm broke, the Kill Team would depart for the Kal’Dir bulwark, and see if this cache of xenos artifacts might help them in their journey. In the interim, they instructed the Kal’Vex commander to pull the logs on the position of Vincent’s rescue, and to pull local data mapped and discovered in the eastern region of the island. They were also prepared to take local oceanographic data and recordings back to the Kal’Tran bulwark where the oceanographic research facility was located. The locals were also asked for access to the augers, and it was explained, with embarrassment, that the Kal’Vex bulwark was woefully underfunded- PDF was being pulled into the Guard forces for deployment into the Crusade, and primary defense systems were consuming the budget and supply chains for goods. It was all the local team could do to even keep the station lights on, and the augers had been partially scavenged for parts.

The team received 500xp, bringing the base total to 34,050.

Key points of fact in the investigation:

  • The Kal’Tran Bulwark is home to an oceanographic research facility, and was the base of origin for the Cathurian, a powerful deep sea submersible. The submersible was captured by heretics but recovered by the Kill Team.
  • The Malvon Bulwark was home to the primary defense grid coordination arrays, where the southern regions communication and strategy was coordinated. Commander Isiaah Falhn was in charge of the station, and was revealed to be a traitor and ousted.
  • The Kal’Vex Bulwark was home to the region’s most powerful auger arrays, which had been stripped of parts in order to keep the bulwark functional at a base level (power, sump pumps, etc.). A man believed to be Inquisitor Vincent (or at least one of his Acolytes) was discovered here, a victim of a ‘shipwreck.’
  • The Kal’Dir Bulwark is home to some sort of xenos cache, of what nature is not known. Since Lieutenant Tirion (the stations senior surviving officer) made that broadcast to Citadel Primaris, vox communication with the Bulwark has ceased. It is believed that the bulwark is under regular assault from the local Reborn cultists, though it is possible the bulwark fell to their attacks.
  • On Ilvaris, from the Kal’Tran Bulwark, was found one xenos rifle of unknown origin and design (though the effects are known, it blasts open armor and flesh), one elaborate blade of xenos manufacture, a needle pistol (human sized) with several doses of virulent toxin, and a data key. Received from him was also a journal with a list of names (which were the traitors loyal to the Reborn cult within the PDF) and an encryption key to decode some device (which he indicated was the data key)
  • Three Dreadclaws were discovered on the Kal’Tran island, two of them equipped to carry a squad of marines each, one of them equipped to carry either supplies or a dreadnought.
The Cathurian II

82.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Karlack XXIIVVI

* Malvon Bulwark*

The Kill Team continued their investigation of the pods, finding that two of the pods could fit a squad of up to 10 marines, and one could either fit a dreadnought or a large amount of supplies. After some discussion, the team decided it was most likely that supplies were here, as it was unlikely a Dreadnought would be of much use on an Imperial World like this for an infiltration mission.

Ilvaris asked Brother Daedalus if he was to be spared, and Daedalus responded that he was a bit of an experiment, and he was hoping that Ilvaris would prove that in this galaxy people could in fact change for the better. In response, Ilvaris handed Daedalus a journal of sorts that contained the names of 20-30 traitors within the ranks of the local PDF and stationed Imperial Guard. He also pointed out that the submarine was arriving.

The team moved quickly into the thick cover of the jungle and set up an ambush, waiting for the enemy to emerge from the submersible where they could then be gunned down. After sitting on the surface for a few minutes, the submersible thought otherwise and began to resubmerge. The Battle Brothers leapt into action and began racing for the watercraft.

Erik arrived first, and attempted to open the hatch but succeeded only in bending it. The others arrived shortly thereafter, and Daedalus dismantled the exterior locking mechanism- the hatch opened with a hiss and the submarine stopped its descent. Brother Erik leapt in, spotted an enemy techpriest. He was quickly joined by his fellows, all of whom began to fire on the techpreists. It was then the Chaos touched Astartes revealed himself, with a blast from his multi-melta that wounded nearly everyone in the group. The techpriests were finished farily quickly, but several rounds were exchanged, and blood was spilled on both sides before the Heretic was dispatched.

A search of the submarine found that the servitor who was controlling it had its memory banks wiped clean, as well as all of the datalogs and nav points in the submarine’s cogitators- they were erased by someone who understood encryption and data integrity. In addition, they later found the high gain vox onboard had the logging system removed and safety protocols bypassed – whomever was using the vox didn’t want anyone to know who or what they had been talking to.

With the submarine captured, the group turned their attention to the list of traitors. They returned to the main Kal’Tran base and reported back to General Iacton the list of names. The General said he and his troops could contend with most of them, but there was a traitor named Captain Isiaah Falhn who was in charge of the Malvon bulwark. A good portion of the southern islands have their defense managed and coordinated through that bulwark, and it would take an excess of ten hours for the PDF and Guard to mount a proper offensive to remove him from power. In the meantime, if Malvon has caught wind of what’s going on he could disrupt communications and coordination, sending the southern region into chaos.

The Kill Team agrees to assist with removing the Captain, and requisition the operational Valkyrie from the local PDF at Kal’Tran and fly west to Malvon.

They are greeted with a challenge, and instruct the pilot to first tell the radio operators that they are there on private business with the Captain. This request is denied, and they resort to using Inquisitorial bypass codes. They are given an approach vector and priority clearance, and the Valkyrie moves towards the island base.

400xp was given out. Eizen and Josiah get 250 for being awake half the time, and they do get a bonus 5 xp for not throwing up on anything I own or am responsible for. Thomas, Orthorn, and Daedalus all get 400. Brother Erik gets 400 + a bonus 50 for (reliably) being the least distracted and disruptive guy at the table.

Base XP total is 33,550

The Cathurian

82.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Karlack XXIIVVI

*Kal’Tran Bulwark*

The Battle Brothers first headed to the Kal’Tran Bulwark, interested in securing the Cathurian, a deep sea research submersible. They knew that in order to access the city beneath the sea they would need some sort of vessel to get them there.

Their meeting with Docktender Orvel was an odd one, with many questions pointed directly at the previous Docktender’s sexual exploits. It was revealed that a PDF Officer within their own ranks disabled the security protocols and took the Cathurian for himself. By the time the base staff realized that the sub was heading to sea, it was too late to do anything about it. The Brothers were shocked to hear that the security protocols on a research station, guarding a submarine that is used for deep sea research and was not equipped with weapons or other infiltration equipment wasn’t guarded by Vermillion level security protocols. Orvel did not understand why a submersible would need to be treated like an Inquisitorial relic, and explained steps had been taken to try to increase security on the base. Orvel did not have a firm idea as to why the Reborn Cultists on the island would wish to take a large submersible that couldn’t shoot.

Orvel indicated the cultists on the Island stuck to the coast, and from the PDF reports their largest grouping is likely on the eastern harbor area of the island. The team wasted little time taking the ornithopter to the area. It appeared to be a serene beach with on activity, and the team ordered the ornithopter to the water to start scanning for the submersible. It was not long before a krak missile erupted from the jungle foliage and took out the flyer. Brother Erik pulled both the pilot and the co-pilot to safety, pushing them out of the craft as it sank, and those wearing power armor went with it. Brother Orthorn struggled with the idea that he, as an astartes, he should be strong enough to swim with 160kg of armor more than a guard in carapace, but he too sank to the floor of the bay with his comrades.

The team moved towards where the missle was seen from and emerged from the clear blue waters. A brief firefight erupted, and was nearly as quickly ended, but not before green bolts of electrified energy arced across the harbor. The team moved into the cover of the trees and advanced, tactically, towards the source of the new weapons. It was not long before they encountered several units of rebels, armed with a variety of weapons. The overwhelming firepower of the Astartes quickly turned the hordes of heretics into red vapor, but not before the Marines took some wounds from the enemy. Some of the weapons they used were clearly of xenos origin- long sleek rifles tipped with axe blades, with a thickly walled glass or glassteel chamber running down the length of the barrel, arcing inside with a brilliant green energy of some kind.

One enemy, Feynir Surbrite, coughing blood, survived. Begging for his life he told the Astartes his story, of growing up in the Charon stars and having to fight for his very existence day to day. He wound up with the Alpha Legion, used by them to stir up the Reborn Cultist activity on Karlack and organize them into a force that could disrupt Imperial organization on the planet. He knew little of what the cult actually worshiped, but Rize, his Alpha Legion master, seemed to have suspicions. Rize joined up with some group from Samech, which Feynir is not familiar with, after which became nearly obsessed with discovering sites and artifacts from the aliens that used to live on the planet. Rize knew Inquisitor Vincent knew something about the aliens, and lured him down to the islands to interrogate. Eventually the Inquisitor gave in, but what happened after that Feynir isn’t certain of, just that Rize instructed him to get the submersible.

Brother Thomas recalled that on Aurum, they found a carcass of a techpriest left to rust bearing the insignia of the Apostate Magi of Samech.

Brother Deadalus then began to search the dreadclaws, of which there were three. Each pod has enough room for 10 Astartes in standard PA, 5 in Terminator Armor, or 1 Dreadnaught.

Containd within Feynir’s tent (also known as Ilvaris) was an expertly crafted dagger of some kind of xenos origin, a needle pistol with vials of poison, a thick, spiked gauntlet, and a Data Crystal containing some sort of data on it yet to be investigated. The team also noticed the inside of the box lid is scarred by oxidation- it seems to have once displayed some sort of etched marking that has been purposely burned away.

Total XP at this point is in the neighborhood of 33,150. Everyone should also have a minimum of 40, closer to 45-49, renown, bringing them to the Distinguished (3rd) rank of Renown.

[SUPPLEMENTALXXVM S37 Planetary summary]: Also known as ‘the iron pit’ by the debased human renegades that travel there to trade and barter, Samech was once an Imperial Forge world, an outpost of the Adeptus Mechanicus within the Jericho Sector, famed for the skill of its tech-adepts and the quality of the cogitator systems produced there. During the slow fall of the Jericho Sector into barbarity and isolation, Samech maintained its power and independence far longer than any of the other worlds of the sector core. Watch Fortress Erioch maintained communications with Samech for more than two hundred years after Varrus fell. As the centuries wore on, however, the Magos of Samech grew increasingly insular and paranoid. Ever beset by xenos raiders, warring former allies, and human renegades, Samech began firing on any vessel that entered their system. Samech’s true infamy came to light in 325.M40, when a Mechanicus Explorator flotilla managed to battle its way through the warp storms shrouding the Jericho Reach to re-contact Samech and was lured into close orbit and blasted to atoms. This act of treachery would lead the Cult Mechanicus to declare the Forge world Apostate under a penalty of death—a penalty that has yet to be carried out.

Matters no doubt worsened when the Hadex Anomaly first erupted and swallowed Samech. Scattered intelligence gathered by the Deathwatch painted the Magi of Samech as increasingly corrupt, embracing forbidden technological blasphemies and trading weapons, and even warp drives, to debased renegades and consorting with the vilest forms of xenos without favour or distinction. Some reports claimed that the Magi were raising up altars to the Dark Gods to consecrate their nightmarish works.

Zaer's Footsteps

82.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Karlack XXIIVVI

To: Watch Commander Mordigael
From: Brother Techmarine Rydal
RE: Implementation of Security Protocol 227-V

Watch Commander,
As you requested I, along with Codicer Peterious, have looked into the missing reports that were originally revealed by Inquisitor Kellar. The work performed was either that of a well-schooled thief or a foolish but curious interloper.

From what we can gather the missing data centered around two Kill Teams. The first, operating under the command of Brother Captain Ephraim. The second operated under the command of Brother Captain Orian. Understanding precisely what information these reports contained is likely possible but would involve interviewing and re-debriefing the Kill Team member. At this time we are operating under the assumption that we should not alert any other residents of Erioch to our current investigation.

We have some data on Ephraim’s Kill Team and their current assignment however, and the summary follows:

  • The team uncovered a large Xenos artifact on Castobel, and managed to activate it. Local reports indicate a large scale seismic event, followed by a thick dark cloud of an unknown substance that reached into the sky. Across Castobel, the relentless assault of the Tyranids slacked. Shortly thereafter Astropathic communication was restored.
  • Local reports indicate the site was destroyed by the seismic activity.
  • The Kill Team was quickly evacuated, no accurate accounting of damage to the Hive Fleet could be performed, but Castobel was able to receive much needed reinforcement.
  • We currently have two additional Missions being planned for Castobel in the very near future as a result to local intelligence that has been gathered. If we cannot achieve victory on Castobel, the sacrifice of the world may buy enough time and resources to reach a broader victory in the region.
  • The team was subsequently dispatched to Karlack to assist Inquisitor Quist with investigating the disappearance of Inquisitor Zaer Vincent
  • By personal order of Inquisitor Quist an unusually large amount of requisition was made available to the Kill Team
  • Inquisitor Quist came under the effects of a type of neurotoxin and is being held in the infirmary in Citadel Primaris
  • The Kill Team discovered some sort of xenos ruins or artifacts inside of the ruins of an Imperial Temple, underneath the Cenotaph of Achillus
  • The Kill Team made contact with a local cult in the ruins, killing all local members. Two young boys were found in in one of the exit buildings to the underground complex, and were handed over to the Ecclesiarchy
  • The Team requisitioned an ornithopter and headed south to the Kal Bulwarks – Reports indicate they have contacted the deep sea research facility at the Kal’Tran Bulwark.

To prevent future incidents such as this, we have implemented Protocol 227-V. All data terminals have been modified. First we have reworked the access software and hardware to require an affirmative response from our logging system before dispensing information. The logging system itself can only be accessed via standard data access terminals as well as a single maintenance terminal on the data store itself. That terminal is physically secured, and as per your orders only Brother Modor of the Keepers. Second, we have enabled the tamper detection units on each of the data terminals- should any of them be opened or any non-standard power readings be detected, the station will lockdown and alert the Keepers.

Codicer Peterious believes that that protocol should suffice in keeping our data secure. However I am still concerned and seek to enable Protocol 227-N. Use of OTP security will ensure that each time someone accesses one of our terminals we can ensure the data is encrypted, and we can ensure we have logged, physically, the use of the terminal. I request your permission to implement Protocol 227-N.

Yours in service, The Emperor Protects
Brother Rydal


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