Judgement of the Righteous

Best Served Cold

235.817.M41 – Koronus Expanse – The Cauldron XXIIVVI

* The Carnivore*

The team moved out with Áinfean, who led them along a long twisting path to the Trophy Room. It was here they could see the bodies of Castiel’s Kill Team, at least two Inquisitors, a sniper, and an Imperial Agent of some kind. In addition to skills of dark eldar, xenos weapons, books and documents of unknown origin, and other animal heads and corpses.

Brother Erik smelled man sweat in this room, the team prepared for combat. As they filtered through the room, the trap was sprung- teams of fighters opened fire with lasguns and autoguns, pinning part of the team halfway across the room. Eizen attempted to defend them by creating a dome of energy around them, helping to deflect the volley of fire. Erik became stuck behind a bit of cover- hard rounds and energy slapped the cover around him, making it impossible to break position.

Brother Josiah opened up with his own weapon, showering the heretics with holy bolter fire. Orthorn and Daedalus added their weapons to the attack as well. It was not long before the rear doors to the chamber opened, three Chaos Marines entered the fight. Eizen thought quickly, and let the energy dome fall, concentrating on disabling the machine spirit of one of the Traitors suits of power armor. Josiah turned his full attention at the enemy and fired a long burst directly into his chest. The marine fell to his knees, and Josiah continued to pump bolt rounds into him until his suit exploded. The other Chaos fiend got off several shots, but was hit repeatedly by Orthorn and struck in the eye by Daedalus. The final Marine, helpless in his disabled armor, was finished off.

It was not long after the combat wound down to a close. The team sealed the doors and gathered up the trophies into the center of the room to set them alight. Some of the team recovered items, notably Constantine taking the weapons and armor from the sniper. The Inquisitor was missing his rosette, and had no real items of value on them. Castiel pulled his old companions from their chambers and carefully removed their progenoids, storing them in the sealed containers attached to his narthecium. Áinfean found his equipment and rearmed and armored himself.

The group moved onward, towards the bridge, and were briefed on the layout by Áinfean. Brother Deadalus, Constantine, and Áinfean would head through the vent system and distract them while the others charged the front gate.

The plan commenced, and the team burst into the bridge. They immediately began to take fire from the heavy weapons, but again shielded by the power of the warp, many of the bolt rounds, las shots, and autocannon rounds dented and dinged armor but did not penetrate flesh. The team moved to the foreword chamber, where even more weapon teams were waiting for them. Quick work was made of them as furious firing and psy powers were unleashed on them. At this point the rearguard team had opened fire to create confusion. Áinfean tossed two blind grenades into the fray, sowing confusion and misdirection.

Brother Erik ignited his jump jets, but the confined spaces of the bridge caused him to go off course. He landed on the upper platform, near Deadalus. It was at this moment the power armor clad enemies emerged from the smoke cloud. Erik quickly ignited his thrusters again, fearing the wrath the Heron Mask would inflict on him. Deadalus was left alone to face the Heron Mask and his minions. Fearing that alone Deadalus would fall, Constantine revealed himself and helped to engage the Heretics.

The rest of the Kill Team rushed forward into the thick obscuring smoke. Áinfean emerged from the smoke and engaged one of the heretics. At this point, Erik again engaged his jets and landed back on the other side of the smoke, but the enemy had moved from their last position and there was nothing to swing at. Brother Orthorn emerged from the smoke and shouted for Codex Attack Pattern Gamma-3-6, and the Marines within reach charged furiously into hand to hand. Brother Erik swung his axe and sword again and again, but most of the attacks were converted to harmless light from the power of the Mask’s Conversion Field. The team stabbed and cut and shot and their opponents. A psy blade cut deep into Daedalus, penetrating his flesh and cutting into his organs. As the team was nearing victory, the powerful psyker erupted in an unholy conflagration, consuming the flesh of all around him. The force of the blast stunned most of those around him, and sent Daedalus down onto the deck. Orthorn took the opportunity of distraction to fire a single melta blast into the deamon worshipper’s chest. The field did not engage. The melta blast incinerated him from the inside, and he collapsed to the ground as well.

With the smoke still hanging thick in the air, Castiel moved forward to aid his companions, using his narthecium to great effect once again- in sharp contrast to he and his boltguns performance in the last few encounters.

Áinfean stood, faced Orthorn, and spoke. “Thank you. I think you will find that heading out down the hall and taking the second right will see you to safety.” Quick as a flash the being opened a gate into the webway directly in front of him. The portal was not transparent, and was too large for Orthorn to shoot around. By the time the gate vanished, and having completed his portion of the bargain, the Dark Eldar had vanished. Flushed, Brother Erik muttered a curse against the foul xenos.

500 xp was awarded, the total is 27,503.



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