Judgement of the Righteous


XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Aurum XXIIVVI.220


Through the smoke the team carefully progressed into the town, placing their hand to hand experts in a front line, keeping Josiah and his heavy bolter accompanied by Oathorn and his lascannon in the rearguard. Movement was seen to the right. The team rotated their formation and moved in to investigate. They scanned about, the trees and thick smoke blocking their vision. The team did not see the attack coming, genestealers descended out of the trees like lightning, slashing with their long sharp claws, rending flesh and armor alike. The team responded with fury, and the parasites were cut to pieces in short order, but not before leaving the team wounded and winded.

The group progressed through the town, moving from building to building, clearing each in turn. A handful of ‘infected’ Aurans were encountered, and a small number of additional stealers. The combats were swift and deadly, and for many of the Kill team they began to see and understand just where the reputation of these monsters came from. Injured but alive, it was not too long before the Kill Team discovered a cave entrance in one of the cliff faces- at one time it was obscured, hidden from sight, but now with the steady rain of burning pitch the opening was quite obvious.

Inside the cave was an expansive mining operation. One chamber held the steely remains of a tech priest of some kind, another held mining equipment, broken dataslates, and carefully illustrated parchment. It also contained a stasis tube, the kind used in transporting dangerous subjects. The largest chamber contained what appeared to be infected Aurans and an opening to a vast mining chamber. Thousands of pounds of Decavein crystals had been mined form here- probably over the span of years, all under the nose of the local Imperials in Haighstand as well as the Aurans that lived in the township.

600xp was given, bringing the base total to 23,103.



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