Judgement of the Righteous

In Pursuit

234.817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Peleus XXIIVVI

After a brief bit of code exchange to establish identity, the Kill Team boarded the Valkyrie that arrived on the island. The group was taken to Quist’s personal compound after passing over the primary Imperial City- fires could be seen burning in various compounds- in fact fire was burning all down the coast. The compound was simply adorned yet lavish. Local fruits and meats were brought out for the team, along with refreshments.

Brother Daedalus, suspicious of Quist’s team due to the recent treachery they experienced, eyed and questioned some of the team members, letting most of his suspicions fall on the young Solaria Orlean, an adept with latent psychic abilities. He and Brother Orthorn asked her to help them investigate Ignatius Phaan’s – the individual Quist suspected of being the traitor – personal quarters in the compound. Most of what Orthorn was able to compel (using charm over intimidation) from her was genuine fear that a traitor could be found within the depths of a high Inquisitor. Perhaps the suspicion of the girl was a dead end?

Most of the paperwork in Ignatius’ room consisted of what appeared to be genuine acarology reports and documentation, discussing both mundane and xeno artifacts. With the help of Brother Thomas, a bit of intriguing data was found on some data slates. One showed suspicious data deletion dates that coincided with the ambush. Another bit of data, which was encrypted, showed financial deposits into some sort of account belonging to Ignatius. Circumstantial as it was, it seemed to lend itself to the idea that Ignatius was the heretic.

Most of the team retired that evening, though the Marines worked later than most. Constantine was left alone for a brief spell with Brother Erik, and after some pointed and confrontational remarks about Erik’s treatment of Imperial citizens, specifically women and those that would get between him and a woman. Erik laughed the remarks off, and the two separated.

The next morning the team met with Veyoris Akioh, the Seneschal of the Horizon’s Pride, who had come up with a theory as to where the enemy ship had vanished to. He suspected the ship would’ve departed the Reach and traveled to a Mining Colony in Segmentum Obscurus, through the Warp Gate. The outpost had suffered a rebellion sometime in the last 3 decades, and had turned into a renowned safe harbor for renegades, pirates, and other heretics. The team went over their options, and decided that if Veyoris was correct and they did not act quickly, the heretics would get away. If he was incorrect and the villains were still in the Reach, they would have more time to try and secure them.

It was the same morning when word that Captain Thaler aboard the Honored of Starlight had just entered the system, conveniently, in a search for the Kill Team to find some way of paying them back for saving him and some of his comrades several months back. He offered his ship up as transport, and his astropath up to send a distress call about the condition of the Spear and the Pride.

The team boarded the vessel and headed out. Once they were through the warp gate, Brother Daedalus began to have some strange visions, some of which he confided to Brother Eizen about. Each night there had been a disturbance in the Warp Eizen could detect, but he could not precisely locate the location or origin of the disturbance.

A week or so later, the ship made it to Port Avarice. The Marines put on their scout armor, and obscured it with cloth and cloaks, and split up to accompany the Throne Agents into the Port.

400xp was given, bringing the base total to 25,503.



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