Judgement of the Righteous

Port Avarice

235.817.M41 – Koronus Expanse – The Cauldron XXIIVVI

* Port Avarice *

After splitting up, Quist and half the team headed to the Broken Aquila, and Solaria and Nicodemus with their two ‘guards’ headed to Janice’s. Constantine accompanied Quist to the Aquila, and was thoroughly consumed by a set of dataslates he carried with him, studying.

In the Broken Aquila, conversation aimed at finding locations to buy or sell xenos devices, and it is discovered a man by the name of Thraxx is one of the biggest dealers of xenotech on the station, possibly the sector. His emporium is located mid-deck on the station, though the Imperial Servants are warned that Thraxx takes his security seriously, and his emporium is located at the end of a long hallway, and he hires men to watch over the rows of merchandise- people do not tend to steal from the man.

Janice’s appears to be a strip club on the bottom, and a High Gothic bar on the top floor. To reach the top floor one must discard all weapons- sensors have been installed in the stairwell in order to attempt to detect weaponry on people. It is discovered here that the bar’s owner (a man by the name of Noches Aralias) has been on station since before the rebellion and is well versed in the groups on board.

The team decides to meet with Noches and ask him a few questions- it is not long before the man seems to recognize Brother Erik’s accent, and requests the men join him in his private office. He reveals he is ex-Guard, though none of the Battle Brothers recognize his unit designation. He claims to have served alongside a group of Space Wolves several years ago. He willingly tells the group what he knows of the people on board the station.

The three primary gangs or paramilitary groups are known as the Redemptionists, Von Asters Militia, and the Umbral Hand. The Redemptionists are a hard line group that takes the existence of mutants and xenos as an anathema, and does what it can to wipe them from the station. This puts them at odds with most others, and thus the group has been pushed underground. The Von Asters Militia, run by a man by the name of Erastus Von Aster, is the richest and best equipped group on the station. He regularly lends or rents out his men to help with other folks, and supplies the bulk of the security forces on the ‘neutral’ decks where ships dock. Aralia indicates that having a single gang own the docks, or to have fighting on the decks, was bad for everyone’s business.

The Umbral Hand deals with miscreants. They have much political clout, but their firepower pales in comparison to the Von Asters. However if it’s information that is sought, they are the owners- they tend to have fingers and ears in all aspects of the station, and not much happens on board that they’re not aware of in some regard.

Something else is revealed to the group- brought up by Constantine, through Quist. A ship docked with the station is believed to be the Heretic vessel the Carnivore, a deadly ship that has consumed scores of Imperial Servants. Constantine seems bent on boarding and or destroying the vessel.

A small group from the Kill Team, with Constantine in tow, goes to the Carnivore to scout it out. After interfacing with the ship itself as well as the docking monitors, Brother Thomas reveals the ship I smost definitely a pirate vessel, with an unknown name. The registered, or broadcast, name of the captain is Hektor Grallion, which is not the previously known name of the ship’s captain (Marcus Vulpa). After scanning the inside cogitators, Thomas discovers that the system regularly sweeps its internal systems for access, and to defeat such a system would take considerable time and would be quite risky. Thomas also wanted to implant a subroutine that would broadcast its location in order to help the Inquisition track it, but the time required to build such a program onboard the ship would be time prohibitive. The team leaves the Carnivore, but not without first accidentally activating the bio-sensors in the loading bay.

The team tries to hide, but only Constantine and Daedalus are skilled enough in the art of stealth to avoid the eyes of the team of stormtroopers that came in as a response to the alarm. They quickly identify both Thomas and Josiah, and open fire. The troopers are, undisciplined, and are staggered by the gout of flame that erupted from Deadalus’ flamer and the burst skull of their sergeant from Constantine’s weapon. They open fire into the team, but their scattered shots aren’t concentrated or precise enough to inflict significant injury on any of the Marines. Josiah opened up with his shotgun on full auto, and a devastating hail of astartes grade shot tore apart much of the remaining group. Thomas raised his boltgun and fired a quick burst, the bolts exploding the torsos, arms, and skulls of the few men who remained.

Constantine and Daedalus emerged from the shadows, grabbing their companions, and fled into the complex passages under the docks, emerging a short time later to reunite with their rest of the team.

The team decides to meet up with the Hand, and Noches takes the large group to the Contraband, a nightclub several levels down, where the leader of the Hand tends to be. She is a woman by the name of Xanthia Castellenos. They meet with her, and Ezien is quick to point out to the group there are at least four psychic contacts within her private suite.

Xanthia is interested in a trade, she describes the devices that the group wants to secure, quickly commenting on information that she could only have if she knew of the devices- or used her abilities to peer inside the minds of the individuals in the group. The trade she offers if for the team to secure from the Von Asters one of their sex slaves, a woman who’s ‘stage name’ is Scarlet, but a given name of Scythia Ordanallis. She explains that the woman is a unsanctioned psyker, a witch, and she seeks to bring her into the Hand in order to train her and school her in ways to prevent the tides of the warp from using her as a tool, or from her unwittingly releasing daemonic powers across the station. After some questions, she indicates that while her group is not in a position to assault the Von Asters to retrieve the girl, they are in a position where they could defend against (or hide from) a reprisal from the group.

The team indicates to her they will meet in private to discuss the deal, and she accepts. In private, Eizen brings up that the cost of assaulting a gang house to retrieve a human subject is a steep price for names and locations of men on the station, and suggests getting additional information from the Hand in exchange for their mercenary services, perhaps the information she has on the Carnivore and its crew.

500 xp was awarded, 26,003 I think is the total for base XP



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