Judgement of the Righteous

The Feast

XXIIVV – 817.M41 – Jericho Reach – Aurum XXIIVVI.220

**** Grensvayl ****

The Deathwatch Marines last building to search was some kind of lodge. The team set up a defensive line facing out, unsure if all of the Tyranids had been dealt with. Once the door had been cut through with Orthorn’s chain-bayonet, he moved into the structure. He was met by 3 Aurun warriors, survivors from the last war party. They revealed that Kyrus led the party, went into the orchard where they were ambushed. Kyrus wandered off, leaving his brothers to die at the hands of the beasts. These three had shored up inside the lodge, blockading themselves in waiting for death to take them.

After another grid pattern search of the township, the Kill Team declared the town secure and departed, taking the survivors with them. Haydal, the captain of the fire perimeter, was awestruck with the fact the marines survived- their wounds and dented armor proof they encountered the ‘malisectors’ and lived to tell of it. He instinctively took a position second to that of the Kill Team’s authority, and conceded to all of their instructions- to keep the fire perimeter and keep watch on all members of his company.

The ride back to Haighstand was largely uneventful, and they were quickly routed to the Caele’s manse again. The man looked weary, forcing a smile at the ‘hero’s’ return. He conceded to their wishes, offering up one final way out for his people- to tell the Empire the planet is infected beyond saving, and that they should steer clear of it. He indicated his people would gladly lay their lives down and be exterminated before the onslaught of the Tyranids, a better end as opposed to suffering under the yoke of an agri world’s future. The Kill Team told him there was no glory in death to genestealers, that they would turn his society inside out- there would be no stand up fights, only death and ruin. Rylus conceded and agreed to help integrate Aurum with the Empire.

One last request was made, and that was for the team to participate in a ceremony, a feast in their honor. The population of Haighstand was ecstatic, if humbled. The visitors from the Eagle had come down and aided them, destroying the beasts where they had failed. The feast was started, and the Kill Team enjoyed fresh the bounty of the world, and some even participated in local games of chance.

The Brood Lord, thought killed at Grensvayl, had other plans. He and his remaining genestealers rushed into the building in a frenzy, slashing and killing the local population. The Kill Team leapt into action, unafraid of the fact that the enemy came forth in such numbers. The Brothers were not without allies, as each Aurun in the room leapt up with their blades. Eizen and Thomas rushed towards the mighty Lord, in an attempt to slay it and demoralize its minions. Orthorn began his push as well, the swirling melee causing him to forget his training; Genestealers are far more than animals, and they typical strategy of destroying the synapse creature has little impact on their behavior or combat prowess.

Thomas and Eizen struck again and again at the brood lord, its thick carapace deflecting much of the energy of their blows, and his body resisted the effects of even the hits that penetrated his flesh. The beast was the patriarch of the Genestealers on this world, and his prowess and abilities reflected that. It slashed at Eizen, tearing at his flesh; while the Librarian could not shrug off the injuries, his Haemastamen and Larraman’s organs kicked into high gear, keeping him from collapsing with pain and pouring his blood onto the floor of the lodge. The beast slashed at Thomas, shattering the bones in his left arm and tearing chunks out of his flesh, piercing through his power armor and his mechanical body. Thomas’ power sword flickered and pierced the creature in his chest, Eizen slashed into the monster and could feel the cold presence of the shadow of the warp extending into his mind as he let forth a burst of psychic energy through the blade of his sword. Blood was erupting from the creature, it stumbled on a mangled stump of a leg, and Orthorn took aim with his lascannon and fired the final killing shot. The beast was vaporized in a puff of light and gore.

Heavy bolter fire could be heard chattering as [REDACTED; ORDER XIVV 7ZΩ] opened fire on the stealers. Orthorn saw him swinging his heavy weapon around and shouted a warning to Akedre and Heth to pull back. Unengaged, the Tyranids presented a clear profile- the kraken rounds easily penetrated their carapace, and the explosive rockets tore the creatures apart from the inside out.

The hall fell quiet- there were no sounds of the dying, the fight was so brutal you were simply alive, or dead. Not missing a beat, the kill team organized and took up firing positions. Two stood guard at the entry door, and a heavy bolter took up position to cover the windows, where some of the creatures had infiltrated. The Emperor willing, that was the last of them.
Most of Aurum’s elite had survived the encounter, however Lan had fallen to an as yet unknown injury. Over 25 Genestealers entered the room and none yet lived. At least 60 Aurun warriors fell to their fangs and claws, and another 10 Imperial Guardsman lay dead.

500xp was awarded, the total is somewhere around 23,603.



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